Unleashing Heroes for Life: Connecting Israeli and global Jewry in doing good

In a world deeply in need of repair, there are shining examples of individuals and organizations dedicated to making a difference. One such organization is Heroes for Life, a remarkable Israeli non-profit that has been transforming lives and communities around the world through its humanitarian efforts. Supported and enabled by Shalom Corps, Heroes for Life is a powerful force for good and now for deepening the connection between young Jews, their Jewish identities, and Israel.

For the thousands of young Israelis who travel abroad after their army service, Heroes for Life provides an opportunity to turn a wanderlust-fueled journey into an opportunity for meaning and connection.

The recently discharged young people travel to one of fifteen countries and split their days, spending half of it on community improvement projects and half teaching and working with local children.  These hands on tikkun olam opportunities reinforce this Jewish value, strengthening the ties between the Jewish and Israeli volunteers and their Jewish identities.

With Shalom Corps’ guidance, Heroes for Life have their Israeli volunteers work hand-in-hand with local, young Jewish volunteers.  Thanks to this new initiative, the Israeli ex-servicemen and women become a force multiplier in the effort to do good while creating a profound and personal bond between Israelis and global Jewry.

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