The Experience Shuk makes aliyah

The Experience Shuk is now available in Hebrew!

Previously aimed primarily at an international audience, the Hebrew-language version of the Experience Shuk will provide the same wealth of engaging informal education opportunities to Israeli and Hebrew-speaking audiences.

The Hebrew Experience Shuk is a joint project of Mosaic United, the Forum for Summer Camps in Israel, and the Foundation for Jewish Camp (FJC).

The Experience Shuk debuted this summer, and is the largest marketplace for virtual Jewish content and experiences designed for informal Jewish education. The shared project of Mosaic United and the FJC was designed to provide direct access to the best of creative and cutting-edge Jewish engagement opportunities and training for informal Jewish educators.

The Experience Shuk connects informal educators to curated live and on-demand experiences and a collection of downloadable resources – searchable by a variety of functions including age of participants, free/for fee, programmatic specialty, and language.

Apply to be a provider on the Hebrew Experience Shuk here. You can visit the international version at

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