Summit Institue

Summit Institute (, provides foster care services in Jerusalem and in the South of Israel. In the aftermath of October 7, children who have already lost a biological parent are now faced with another loss of a parent who has either been kidnapped, conscripted into the reserves, or even killed. Please help establish an emergency […]

Beta Lev for Israel

Following the horrific October 7th massacre and Due to the current war, the town of Zufim, located near the security barrier only half a mile from the Palestinian city Qalqilya, is desperately trying to equip our civilian medical forces. Their goal is to protect our residents and those in the surrounding neighbors so the need […]

Elah Center for Coping with Loss

Elah Center for Coping with Loss has 44 years of experience in providing professional mental assistance, mainly to people who have experienced traumatic loss. Since October 7th, their team of 700 professional therapists has been providing free therapy sessions to those who have suffered from the atrocities but who are not eligible for State support. […]

Municipality of Kiryat Shmona

On October 20, 2023, the State of Israel and the Israel Defense Forces [IDF] formally issued their decision to evacuate Kiryat Shmona, and the evacuation began that same day. the current concentrating efforts on supporting both evacuated families from Kiryat Shmona who had to leave their homes. They are scattered around Israel in hotels and […]

Givat Haviva International School

Our school brings together Jewish, Arab and international youth with leadership potential to live and learn together for up to three years. During this time they form deep personal connections and friendships while gaining skills in conflict resolution, mediation and diplomacy. Cuurently, with Givat Haviva’s campus in the north, they are housing families in their […]

Tzeirim B’Yerucham

In times of crisis and emergency situations, the organization Tzeirim B’Yerucham, (“Youths in Yerucham”) is a central part of local operations that contributes to the resilience of the local community and the people of Israel, and is now operating in three main areas: 1. Nearly 200 families (1200 people) from the Gaza Envelope are staying […]


OTOT Association provides a solution for boys and girls, young men and women at risk, which includes assistance with housing and out-of-home settings, exercising rights and providing tools for a functioning life in Israeli society. Currently, they are supporting many displaced teens and children from the South.


Unistream is a highly-regarded Israeli NGO that offers entrepreneurial educational activities to youth and teens from the country’s socioeconomic and geographic periphery, the latter of which have been deeply impacted by the war. Unistream is seeking funds to offer its award-winning informal educational activities to teens and families who have been relocated and experienced trauma, […]

Na Laga’at 

Na Laga’at is a cultural center that arranges meetings between people with sensory disabilities and the general public. Currently, their team, in collaboration with additional volunteers, initiates the ‘Served with Love’ project: hot meals for soldiers and Gaza Envelope evacuees. The kitchen staff and employees of Na Laga’at, together with other volunteers, operate Na Laga’at’s […]

The Israeli Celiac Rights Organization

The Celiac Rights Organization was founded in 2014 by Dan Solomon, with the aim of raising awareness and providing more comfortable and fairer living conditions for celiac patients and their families. Since the beginning of the Iron Swords War, the organization has provided gluten-free food for evacuated soldiers and families that were evacuated from their […]

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