Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel

SPNI is the largest nature conservation organization in Israel and among the oldest in the world. They opened our southern field schools, free of charge, to any family fleeing the Gaza violence.

Kibbutz Kissufim

This campaign is to help rebuild Kibbutz Kissufim, a tight-knit community that was attacked by the deadly terrorist attack carried out by Hamas on October 07, 2023

Kibbutz Nirim

Kibbutz Nirim in Israel underwent a horrific massacre in the early morning hours of October 7th, 2023. To return to the region as a strong community, they need partners and friends. They need donations to help those who have lost their homes and loved ones rebuild their lives and our community


Fidel, founded by native and Ethiopian-Israelis, empowers Ethiopian Israeli Youth through education and leadership initiatives. Fidel’s Youth Centers, located in the southern cities of the country, serve as a second home for teenagers, offering emotional support and educational enrichment after school. With its target population in the crossline of fire, Fidel has set out to […]

Samson Assuta Ashdod Hospital

Samson Assuta Ashdod Medical Center is a general hospital in Ashdod, Israel. The hospital has 300 beds and serves the population of Ashdod and its suburbs. They are in need of additonal support as they serve the populations in the South.

Eliav Community

Eliav sits strategically in Israel’s southern foothills, 800 meters from the security barrier with the West Bank/Judea & Samaria and less than 40 kilometers from the Gaza Strip. The community numbers almost 1,000 people, of whom over 700 are children, not including many refugee families fleeing the conflict. While they have always faced the threat […]

Cafe Europe

Every day the restaurant opens its doors and cooks over 2000 food meals for families, soldiers, hospitals who turn to them and need for meals. Every contact that contacts them, they make sure that they do need meals (meat and Vegan) and that the restaurant is their daily solution. Every day around 50-60 people come […]

B’nai B’rith and Youth of Israel

B’nai B’rith International is a staunch defender of the State of Israel, advocates for global Jewry and champions the cause of human rights. Youth of Israel has partnered with B’nai B’rith to support injured citizens and help troops on the ground defending our land.


SmartAid is an international non-profit working to harness the power of technology to save lives. Currently, SmartAID is distributing essential relief items, including food, hygiene and dignity kits, socks, toys, blankets, and tablets (social and education support) for children and families in a dozen kibbutzim in the south, as well as areas in the north […]


AJEEC-NISPED is an Arab-Jewish organization dedicated to social change in the Negev. Bedouin society suffered dozens of casualties: dead, missing, and wounded. In the Bedouin villages, there are no shelters, sometimes not even an emergency alarm system. They were left exposed to nonstop rocket attacks. AJEEC-NISPED, in partnership with the Shared Emergency Center for the […]

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