Summit Institue

Summit Institute (, provides foster care services in Jerusalem and in the South of Israel. In the aftermath of October 7, children who have already lost a biological parent are now faced with another loss of a parent who has either been kidnapped, conscripted into the reserves, or even killed. Please help establish an emergency […]

Nika Sports & Community

Nika Sports & Community’s Resilience in Motion Project aims to strengthen the mental and physical resilience of the evacuee children who have experienced trauma, and help them cope with these challenging times. Their aim to do this in the optimal way through constant emotional and social sports sessions which provide them with a sense of […]

Hitech for Israel (Hamal Hitech)

Hamal Hitech is an initiative that brings together a consortium of high-tech companies, which provided initial funding. It operates under the guidance of non-profit professionals who manage field operations and ensure a thoughtful distribution of funds. They have recently started fundraising efforts for various initiatives, including mental health support through different grassroots, food and supply […]

Nefesh Now

Nefesh Now is a project that was established in response to the war and was created with the needs of the residents of the Gaza Strip in mind. As a result of the war thousands of families had to leave everything behind – clothes, toothbrushes, medicines, and our homes – and simply flee! The place […]

Kibbutz Sufa

Kibbutz Sufa was established in 1977 in the Yamit area, in 1982 Following the peace agreements with Egypt, Kibbutz Sufa was moved to a new permanent location in the Eshkol Regional Council and only about two kilometers from the southern border of the Gaza Strip. Since the establishment of the kibbutz, the community has faced […]

Metzoke Dragot

The Metzoke Dragot Village, perched on the cliffs of the Judean Desert with a view of the Dead Sea, has become a sanctuary for many people during these challenging times for the State of Israel. With the backing of the Megillot Regional Council, the Village ownership has availed all facilities to the survivors of the […]

Kibbutz Magen

Kibbutz Magen was founded in 1949. Sat Oct 7th, was its darkest day. The standby platoon (volunteer members of the kibbutz) halted the attack with supreme bravery and waited for the help of the IDF soldiers. Meanwhile, the rockets landed in the heart of the kibbutz, where there was no Iron Dome to protect the […]

AMEN – Admat Marpe Nashit

The AMEN healing community provides professional, trauma-informed care, using a woman-centered, feminist, and holistic approach through its dedicated team of clinical social workers. Workers, counselors, and volunteers provides comprehensive support 24/7 and help participants learn how to manage symptoms such as suicidal thoughts and behaviors, self harm, eating and sleeping disorders, and dissociative episodes, helping […]

Kibbutz Reim

Kibbutz Reim, located on the border of the Gaza Strip, experienced a large-scale, brutal terrorist attack when dozens of Hamas terrorists penetrated the Kibbutz, slaughtering and injuring a large number of civilians, women, children, and senior citizens. The residents were forced to fend for themselves – fighting and pleading for their lives without protection or […]

Kibbutz Kissufim

This campaign is to help rebuild Kibbutz Kissufim, a tight-knit community that was attacked by the deadly terrorist attack carried out by Hamas on October 07, 2023

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