Shalom Corps partner CADENA provides earthquake relief in Turkey

Since powerful earthquakes shook Turkey and Syria early on February 6, 2023, Shalom Corps partner CADENA has been on the ground and active in life-saving rescues and medical relief.

Immediately, CADENA began its intervention alongside the Jewish community in Turkey, thanks in part to support from Shalom Corps. “The size of the disaster is immense, so when something like this happens the collaboration needs to be immense also,” said CADENA general secretary Benjamin Laniado to The Jerusalem Post from the disaster zone in Turkey.

CADENA search and rescue teams from Israel and Mexico arrived first on-scene to save people trapped under the rubble of collapsed buildings in the first hours after the disaster. Quickly, they joined the IDF to find and rescue local Jewish community members in the city of Antakya before heading to establish and support the regional aid distribution center.

Meanwhile, the CADENA Disaster Relief Medical Task Force prepared to begin providing medical care and conduct a needs assessment to plan additional humanitarian interventions.

In a highly vulnerable region affected by winter storms, the rescue work has been complicated by rain and freezing temperatures. CADENA teams are distributing solar lamps, relief packages, and medical aid.

As the response transitions into recovery, CADENA plans to respond to emerging needs in the affected areas. “We are very grateful to those who supported us from a distance during this week of uninterrupted work in the field,” say CADENA, “We also extend our deepest condolences to all the families who have lost loved ones in this tragedy.”

“#TikkunOlam can also be promoted by motivating our volunteers. We appreciate Shalom Corps‘ help to the members of our team, who always give their best in every humanitarian intervention,” writes CADENA online. Shalom Corps partners with The Cadena Foundation, a nonprofit humanitarian organization founded in Mexico, with nearly 15,000 volunteers around the world. Cadena acts as a humanitarian link within the Jewish communities around the world, working to inspire and motivate people to practice tikkun olam.

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