Shalom Aleichem: Shalva Band and Israelis Abroad unite for hostages

Since October 7th, Israelis and Jews around the world have come together in grief, solidarity, and hope. Inspired by the depth of dedication and giving at this time, Mosaic United’s Israelis Abroad brought the Shalva Band together with Israeli communities around the world to produce a song-filled call for security and peace for Israel and the speedy return of the hostages.

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Together with evacuees from Sderot, participating communities hail from Boston and San Francisco, London and Madrid, Vienna and Melbourne, and beyond – through our partners the Israeli Scouts, Israeli Community Europe, and the IAC.

In difficult times such as these, we are reminded that we are one people sharing one fate – and that Jews and Israelis abroad serve as ambassadors, wellsprings of support, and allies for their brethren in Israel.

A song traditionally sung in Jewish households on Friday nights to welcome the Sabbath, this beautiful rendition of Shalom Aleichem honors its meaning, “peace be upon you.”

The collaboration was made possible with the partnership of Ami – the National Alliance Strengthening Israelis’ Connection to World Jewry – and the Israeli Ministry for Diaspora Affairs and Combating Antisemitism.

Throughout the year, Mosaic’s Israelis Abroad seeds and strengthens organic communities of Israelis abroad, connecting them with resources, educational experiences, and their broader local Jewish communities.

Since 2005, the Shalva Band has been inspiring crowds worldwide. Having performed at Eurovision and for the President of the United States, the Shalva Band – which consists of eight talented musicians with disabilities – uses music as a language to unite people.

From all corners of the globe, we celebrate the unbridled unity of Israelis and Jews around the world, and pray that we can welcome home the hostages for Shabbat.

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