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What is Israelis Abroad?

Mosaic United’s Israelis Abroad seeds and strengthens organic communities of Israelis abroad, connecting them with resources, educational experiences, and their broader local Jewish communities.

Israelis Abroad enables communities of Israelis around the world to increase the number of immersive experiences, meaningful interactions, and educational initiatives they can offer to Israeli youth, teens, and young adults. Consequently, community members become more involved and connected to Israel, Judaism, and their local Jewish communities.

Strategic Partners

Through the joint venture model of Mosaic United, Israelis Abroad leverages the support of the Israeli Government, through the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs, and international supporters to partner with existing and new organizations across the globe.


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Israelis Abroad in Action

Israelis abroad share pride in their Israeli identities. Many of them seek to explore and deepen their connection to Israel and Judaism but lack the opportunities to do so in a way that is tailored to their cultural and language needs.

Israelis Abroad and its partners are creating a better connection between Jewish communities abroad and local Israelis through a approach tailored to the population’s unique needs. Senior Jewish Educators and Senior Israel Educators are building unique experiences focused on Jewish and Israel-related topics including Shabbat retreats, social justice initiatives, Bat and Bar Mitzvah programs, and more.

What does Israelis Abroad

offer Israelis abroad?

  • Gateway Youth & Adult track: The Gateway track designed to connect Israelis with Jewish and Israeli knowledge, experiences, and connections. Gateway programs include at least 10 interactions such as lectures, social events, and more.
  • Intensive Youth & Adult track: The Intensive track encourages a deeper educational experience, including an ongoing relationship with the Senior Jewish Educator and Senior Israel Educator. The Intensive program includes at least 20 interactions led by professional educators, deepening participant knowledge of both Jewish values and Israel-related subjects.
  • Startup Community track: This track invests in infrastructure to enable under resourced, new communities to grow.
  • MitzVibe: An online Bar/Bat Mitzvah program geared specifically to children of Israelis abroad, which cultivates a connection to Judaism and Israel through a six-part program comprised of one-on-one, family, and peer sessions.
  • Early Childhood Family track: Addressing the unique challenge of significantly engaging families with young children, the Early Childhood Family Track aims to engage these families on both the parent and child levels.

Our partners in the field

Israelis Abroad partners with numerous local and national grassroots organizations across the globe in order to seed and strengthen communities of Israelis abroad.  Israelis Abroad works with its partners in the field to strengthen and increase the programming and outreach opportunities they provide.

Israelis Abroad

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