What is Shalom Corps?

Shalom Corps is changing the face of Jewish service learning through its local, global, and emergency volunteer tracks.

Shalom Corps is building a global Jewish volunteer movement, dedicated to meaningful service and social responsibility as an expression of Jewish values and love of humanity

Strategic Partners

Through the joint venture model, Shalom Corps leverages the support of Mosaic United and international supporters to partner with existing and new organizations across the globe.


Latest Highlights

Shalom Corps

Shalom Corps

in Action

Even while they may be engaging less in traditional forms of community engagement, 78% of Jewish young adults report engaging in civic efforts each year, though only a fraction are currently doing so through Jewish frameworks. Shalom Corp and its partners are growing the number of young Jews participating in Jewish service-learning – and in deepening the educational and identity-building components of the authentic, meaningful service programs in which they participate.

What does Shalom Corps

offer young Jews?

  • Local service track: The Local track engages volunteering organizations in projects that benefit their own communities.
  • Immersive service track: The Immersive service track encourages and provides opportunities for volunteers to help goodness go global.
  • Emergency and special projects service track:  This track provides a response to humanitarian emergencies by both professional experts and volunteers.
  • Heritage service track:  The Heritage service track facilitates reconstruction of Jewish historical sites, while volunteers reconnect to their own heritage

Our partners in the field

While our management partners help support and build the field, our operating partners are the grassroots organizations working with young Jews around the world everyday.

Jewish service learning

Stories from the field

Unleashing Heroes for Life: Connecting Israeli and global Jewry in doing good

Shalom Corps sponsors Jewish learning session at Focal Point 2023

Shalom Corps on the case in Ukraine

Shalom Corps volunteer to light Diaspora torch at Israel’s Independence Day Ceremony

Volunteer for the IDF

Looking to volunteer in a meaningful way? Mahal allows Jews 18+ from foreign countries to enlist in the Israel Defense Forces.

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