Mosaic United’s Campus Pillar is a collaborative partnership operating on campuses worldwide that creates a platform to reinforce a thriving Jewish life among university students.

Mosaic United builds and maintains the framework that enables Campus organizations to increase the number of meaningful interactions, educational initiatives and immersive experiences they can offer to under-engaged university students. As a result, students are presented with new opportunities to increase their personal involvement on campus and within their communities while creating broader and deeper connections to Judaism and Israel.

Strategic Partners

Mosaic United’s Campus Pillar is a microcosm of Mosaic United’s model, leveraging the support of the Israeli Government through the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs and international supporters, to partner with the three leading Jewish organizations on college campuses worldwide: Hillel International, Chabad on Campus International and Olami, which are responsible 80% of activities for Jewish students on campuses around the world.


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The Campus Pillar in Action

Mosaic United’s Campus Pillar enables students to shape their individual path and to uncover their own journey of growth.

On every campus a Senior Jewish Educator or a Senior Israel Educator aims to provide each student with experiences focused on Jewish and Israel-related topics. These include Shabbat retreats, social justice initiatives, learning programs and more.

What does the Campus Pillar

offer to students?

  • Engagement track: By emphasizing student engagement, Mosaic United promotes ongoing meaningful interactions. The engagement track includes at least 10 interactions with a senior educator, such as a Shabbat dinner, a lecture, social events and more.
  • Portal track: Through portal programs, Mosaic United encourages insightful Jewish learning experiences. The Portal track includes a course consisting of at least 8 classes, led by professional educators, deepening student knowledge of both Jewish values and Israel related subjects.
  • Immersive Experience track: To explore their roots, students travel on Immersive trips to Poland
  • Internships track: Internships give students an opportunity to take an active role in campus engagement by reaching out, engaging with new students and attracting new participants to join activities.
  • Fellowship track: Career-focused fellowships provide students with professional training in the Jewish world. This two-year program provides the best, brightest and most diversely talented with practical experience in the Jewish world, intensive training and a personal mentor.

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