Our Pillars


The Mosaic United approach is simple, yet comprehensive

Mosaic United meets young Jews where they are. Through a variety of stages of life and with special emphasis on particular identity groups, we further experiential and educational opportunities for Jews around the world throughout their formative years.


More than 115,000 students have strengthened their Jewish identities and connections to Israel through our tailored experience tracks and partnership with the three largest providers of Jewish life on campus around the world – Hillel International, Chabad on Campus International, and Olami.




Through growing a global Jewish volunteer movement, thousands of young Jews are engaging in authentic, needs-driven service which has a transformative impact on the populations served as well as the young Jews making a difference.


In North America, Europe, and beyond, thousands of Israelis abroad are being reached through innovative educational and engagement experiences provided by partner organizations, strengthening their Jewish-Israeli identities and connections to their local Jewish communities.


The ongoing development of our pillars is guided by the following key principles:

Easy Entry Points

Exploring anything new can be intimidating and we recognize that many young Jews may first connect with Judaism through experiences seen as non-intimidating, like social activities, networking events and Shabbat dinners. We will ensure that our ecosystem is full of opportunities to connect young Jews in ways that feel most comfortable and non-threatening.


Our mission cannot be achieved without robust and compelling Jewish content underlying everything we do. We will hold our partners accountable to offer content that enriches, challenges, inspires and empowers the next generation.

High Quality, Impactful Experiences

The cornerstone of creating deep connections is delivering transformative experiences to serve as a catalyst for further exploration. We will seek to increase the number and availability of high quality experiences.

Collaborative Interlinked Ecosystem

Collaboration is absolutely imperative to ensuring ongoing engagement of young Jews. We will ensure partners in our ecosystem are actively engaging with each other to create an exponentially stronger and longer-lasting connection.

Influential Educators and Engagers

Transformative experiences with engaging content require remarkable people to bring the message and experience home. We will work to acquire, train, and empower, strong educators, engagers, and role models to ensure that our programs and touch points are truly transformative.

Cutting Edge Technology

It is crucial that our ecosystem is at the forefront of rapidly evolving digital technology to ensure that we engage with young Jews on the platforms they already use. We will invest in a platform that will offer compelling Jewish content and applications, allowing young Jews to foster connections, and learn about opportunities.



Teen trips to Israel have shown outstanding impact on Jewish identity development and connection to Israel for more than 50 years. However, in the last decades, the number of participating teens dropped significantly. The Mosaic Teen Travel Pillar will help make a trip to Israel an educationally innovative, inclusive, and accessible rite-of-passage for every Jewish teen.



Having fewer roots than generations before, Jews in the stages of emerging and early adulthood are often less engaged in the Jewish community and have moved beyond the reach of existing Jewish communal infrastructure. Our Young Adults Pillar will uplift dynamic initiatives on both the grassroots and institutional levels, empowering individuals to create Jewish experiences that infuse meaning and are organic to their lifestyles.



Decades of research have demonstrated the fundamental impact Jewish camps have in building lasting Jewish identity and connections to Israel. Yet, only a small fraction of Jews around the world attend as campers or work as counselors. The Mosaic Summer Camps Pillar will work to ensure that the availability of a quality immersive experience is dramatically increased.


Leadership is the global Jewish community’s greatest asset. Our Leadership Pillar will support the next generation of professional, educational, and lay leaders by unlocking the potential of existing programs and initiating new programs where needed – to ensure that the best Jewish leaders are in place to bring our programs into the future, and that these leaders are inspired to seize opportunities and equipped to meet challenges.



As few as one in seven American Jewish teens remain involved in organized Jewish life after their bar or bat mitzvah. Our Teens Local Pillar will help reverse that trend by offering Jewish teens local experiences throughout their daily lives that empower them to be active community members and take ownership of their Jewish identities at a crucial stage in their young lives.



Outside of the former Soviet Union and Israel, nearly a million Russian-speaking Jews and their children often remain disconnected from Jewish communities due to linguistic and cultural differences. Our Russian Speakers Pillar will ensure a special approach is taken across a variety of areas of Jewish engagement so that Russian-speaking Jews are included and supported.


While Jewishly-enriching content, experiences, and initiatives abound, their impact would grow greatly if they reached a wider audience. Our Digital Pillar will leverage leading technologies to broaden the reach of current offerings, helping match participants and consumers with content and experiences that are tailored to them.

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