New Centers for Israelis Abroad in Barcelona and Athens

Mosaic United’s Yisraelim is excited to share the news of two new centers for Israelis in Barcelona, Spain and Athens, Greece.

The centers were established by Israeli Community Europe (ICE) in partnership with Mosaic United.  And for the first time in Europe, each center was established not only with the help of local Israelis but also the local Jewish community.

The community of Israelis in Barcelona has grown to number hundreds of Israeli families over the past two years. Juntos Barcelona, the new center for Israelis, will provide a dedicated response to both families and young adults through a variety of services and events. The Jewish community in Barcelona has taken a keen interest in the new center and building a connection, which includes a series of joint events to bring the two communities together.

Athens has attracted many Israelis in recent years. In light of the influx, the Jewish community in the city wanted to create a dedicated response to meet the unique needs of the Israelis in the city. Opened in 2022, the Mazi Center in Athens has been a great success with hundreds of Israelis taking part in events. Along with events dedicated to Israelis, several events this year will be held throughout the year together with the Jewish community with the aim of creating a connection between the communities.

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