Mosaic United’s Campus immersive experiences expand to Morocco

Olami 2023 trip to Morocco

For years, immersive experiences have been a cornerstone of Mosaic United’s Campus initiative.  These multi-day trips have taken young college-aged Jews from their typical surroundings and placed them in a holistic environment dedicated to building identity, knowledge, and connection.

Traditionally, these trips have taken students to Poland.  Those educational experiences focus on Holocaust remembrance and education, and help deepen the connection between Jewish students and their Jewish identities.

For the 2022-3 academic year, Mosaic decided together with its partners to expand the immersive experience concept beyond Poland.  These new trips may either focus on Jewish heritage including history and culture or on contemporary issues, community development, and peoplehood.

The first trips to launch were to Morocco under the heritage umbrella.  The pilot trips were executed by our partner Olami, and included students hailing from Chicago, Detroit, and Montreal.

Olami 2023 trip to Morocco

Students traveled to Casablanca, Marrakech, Rabat, and beyond to trace the roots of Sephardic Jewry.  Each week plus long trip included a meaningful Shabbat experience.

We look forward to many more successful and impactful immersive experiences for our college students.

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