Mosaic United Teens and Diaspora Affairs Ministry announce $5M fund for global teen travel to Israel

The Israeli Ministry for Diaspora Affairs and Combating Antisemitism and Mosaic United are announcing a $4 .8M fund to boost global teen travel to Israel by thousands.

Following the success of its global pilot in 2023, Mosaic Teens is bringing new emphasis and resources on travel to Israel for younger cohorts across the globe. According to experts, experiencing Israel as a teenager is more impactful than later in life, and research indicates that alumni of teen trips to Israel are far more Jewishly engaged and connected to Israel than their peers who have not traveled.

In response to this success, Mosaic Teens and the Diaspora Ministry have issued a request for proposal open to any organization which works with under-engaged Jews outside of North America. Trip providers will commit to creating tailor made experiences for high schoolers which will increase their knowledge of Israel and Jewish history, commitment to and involvement in Jewish life, and connection to and support of Israel.

Minister Amichai Chikli commented, “The launch of this initiative to boost the number of global teens visiting Israel reflects our vision to make Israel a transformative experience for every Jewish teen. Through accessible and meaningful journeys, we’re not only shaping individual identities but also fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose within the global Jewish community.”

The funding is projected to increase the number of under-engaged Jewish teens from outside of North America dramatically. Qualified participants will be credited with a voucher good for $3,000 off the cost of their trip with a qualifying organization, and vouchers for up to an additional $3,000 are available based on need.

“Travel to Israel has always been deeply important,” said Alana Ebin, Director of Mosaic Teens. “But since October 7th, it has become vital. We are determined to provide Jewish teens across the world with the opportunity to experience Israel firsthand and forge connections with the land, its people, and the global Jewish community.

Mosaic Teens augments the teen travel experience by deepening the educational experience through staff training, pre- and post-trip programming, and mifgash – socioeducational encounters between Jewish teens and their Israeli peers.

To learn more or apply, visit Mosaic Teens International Teen Travel RFP application.

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