Mosaic United targeted grants to mobilize 1,500+ local pro-Israel volunteers

Mosaic United is providing targeted grants to nine organizations to mobilize more than 1,500 pro-Israel volunteers around the world.

In the wake of devastating attacks in Israel and antisemitic upheavals around the world, global Jewry and Israel stand united in unwavering solidarity.  Mosaic United – through Shalom Corps and Mosaic Teens – is proud to introduce “RiseUp: Mobilize for Israel,” a series of mini-grants to fund organizations which are organizing volunteer-based projects for Israel.

Grantees are registered non-profit organizations which work with Jews outside of Israel aged 15 to 40.

Funded initiatives may center on advocacy for Israel, raising awareness, or combating misinformation.  They can also involve raising funds for relevant Israeli and Jewish initiatives.

OU Israel Relief will be using their grant to recruit and train a cadre of 100 top public high school Jewish students to be able to answer the tough questions regarding the situation in Israel both to their high school piers and across all social media channels. 

Hanoar Hatzioni Latin America will orchestrate a training course for young people aged 15 to 22 years old. It will open with five virtual training sessions, followed by a five-day in-person seminar, drawing together 150 young people from 9 countries in Latin America – Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador and Uruguay. Taught by young influencers, the seminar will train participants in the support and defense of Israel in social networks, at universities, in communities, and in front of younger audiences.

In addition to Hanoar Hatzioni Latin America and OU Israel Relief, other recipients of funding are:

  • American Sephardi Federation
  • Daroma Tzafona Tikkun Olam
  • Hashomer Hatzair
  • JCC Global
  • NCSY Argentina
  • PZC
  • Rutgers Jewish Xperience

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