Mosaic United gathers campus leaders at 2020 AIPAC Policy Conference

Early on Tuesday, March 3, 2020, professionals and students gathered to hear Bob Diener, Founder of, reflect on what Judaism has to say about business and how it can be a source of strength and inspiration in one’s professional career.

Mosaic United hosted a breakfast with our three campus partners, Hillel International, Chabad on Campus, and Olami. 100 students, educators, and Jewish professionals crowded the early morning gathering during the 2020 AIPAC Policy Conference, hosted at the Hillel Schusterman International Center in downtown Washington, DC.

Diener shared compelling advice and anecdotes about his successful career, and how Judaism serves as an anchor and balancing force between his professional and personal life.

Rabbi Benji Levy, CEO of Mosaic United, also spoke and offered participants a window into Mosaic United’s important work and how its revolutionary continuum model and strategic, field-wide work creates real change in today’s Jewish world.

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