Mosaic Teen Travel deepening mifgash experience between Israeli teens and peers from abroad

Study after study evidences the impact of teen travel to Israel on the Jewish identity and connection to Israel of young Jews.  One of the key factors in the success of this endeavor is the opportunity to have shared experiences with Israeli teenagers of the same age group – also known as mifgash or mifgashim in plural.  To that end, we are working to enhance the experience leading up to mifgash in Israel.

To foster a successful mifgash, Israeli teens participants take part in preparatory sessions before meeting their international peers.  This year, we are introducing two types of sessions: online preparation sessions and face-to-face preparation sessions, taking place at the Anu Museum and the offices of the Jewish Agency.

These sessions provide a convenient platform for the Israeli teens to expand their knowledge of Judaism, gain insights into American Jewry, and learn about the diverse backgrounds and practices of their international peers. This knowledge will help them better understand their international Jewish peers.  These sessions also focus on developing conversation skills, fostering connections, and encouraging the formation of new friendships – in order to better maximize the time the teens will share.

By investing in the preparatory sessions, we aim to enhance the overall experience of the mifgashim. In providing the teens with the necessary tools and knowledge, not only will their interactions be far richer during the summer trips but also long-lasting connections and friendships will be more easily fostered.

Through an enhanced mifgash experience, we hope to create a transformative experience for all participants, allowing them to strengthen their Jewish identity and connection to Jewish people from around the world.

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