Jerusalem Post: How has the current government advanced Jewish diaspora affairs

Image by a truthseeker08 from a pixabay

Zvika Klein, Jewish World Analyst for The Jerusalem Post, analyzes the work of the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs and its partners.

During the past year and under the leadership of the ministry’s talented Dir.-Gen. Tziona Koenig-Yair and Shai, Mosaic United has transformed into the most stable and growing project in which the ministry invests. The government passed a historic decision guaranteeing funding of NIS 180 million for Mosaic and turning it into a project that is an official part of the State of Israel’s strategy vis-a-vis the Diaspora….

Slowly, Mosaic has become involved with many topics that the Israeli government never dealt with. It supports Jewish life in communities of Israeli expats around the world, particularly in Europe. It helps Jewish summer camps host Ukrainian refugees with special funding. And it will soon begin to operate with RootOne, a new initiative that aims to help bring tens of thousands of Jewish teens from the US and Canada to Israel on immersive summer trips.

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