Jerusalem Post: Jewish youth unite with Israel in Park Rishon

The Jerusalem Post covers the Big Tent Event, the second annual celebration of North American Jewish teens in Israel. The largest gathering of Diaspora teens in Israel, this event celebrates the 5,500 North American teens who are traveling to Israel on life-changing journeys lasting three weeks or longer through RootOne and Mosaic United.

Ynetnews: Global delegation conserves dilapidated Jewish cemeteries

Israel’s Ynetnews profiled the heritage preservation mission to Poland and Serbia by WeKibbutz and Shalom Corps. Joined by Olympic athlete Dariusz Popiela, the young Jews from around the world worked to preserve Jewish cemeteries in Europe, while building connections with the local Jewish community and each other.

Mako: Borderless Israeli Pride

For many Israelis, an extended trip abroad is a natural follow-up to their time in the army. And for the last 10 years, many of those have dedicated weeks of that experience to volunteering to help the underprivileged while showing the “real face of Israel.” In the Israeli news outlet Mako, the work of Heroes […]

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