Request for Proposal – Summer Camp for Jewish Ukrainian Refugees

Apply by 12 June 2022

Request for Proposal

Summer Camp for Jewish Ukrainian Refugees

The ongoing war in Ukraine has resulted in an estimated 50,000 Jewish refugees. Those refugees require a wide array of support, including communal and religious services.

To serve those suffering from the displacement and distress of war, we seek to ensure that Jewish refugees resettled or displaced from their homes can take part in enjoyable, restful, and meaningful Jewish experiences this summer.

To that end, we are issuing a request for proposal through which Jewish camp operators in Europe can access financial support and resources for Ukrainian refugees. While in camp, refugee participants will be involved in enriching activities to strengthen their Jewish identities as well as their connections to Israel and the Jewish people.

Organizations which qualify will receive funding and support.  They will be responsible for all aspects of delivering the experience including participant recruitment, staffing, and programming.



Applications can be made for four different tracks of programming.

Qualifying programming will offer a fun, engaging, social, and educational experience which connects participants with their Jewish identities and Israel.


  1. Providers will receive full funding from Mosaic United per refugee participant.
  2. A participant may not participate in more than one budgeted track.


Funding per track per person

  • Day Camp: $40 per day
  • Overnight Camp: $70 per day
  • Family Camp: $75 per day
  • Weekend Retreat / Shabbaton: $85 per day

Projected RFP Schedule

The timetable will be determined by Mosaic at its sole discretion and may be updated by Mosaic from time to time, and at any time, including after the selection of the providers.

  • RFP publication: 30 May 2022
  • Clarification period: 10 June 2022
  • Application deadline: 12 June 2022
  • Contracting and target-setting with accepted providers: 12-30 June 2022
  • Milestone 1 (projections): 6 July 2022
  • Milestone 2 (actuals): 1 September 2022


  • Meaningful Jewish summer experiences for Jewish Ukrainian refugee, in addition to the listed outcomes, will:
    • provide rest, respite, and calm during/after a traumatic and tumultuous catastrophe
    • strengthen their Jewish identities and strengthen their connection to Israel
  • Applicants declare that they will not receive funding from other sources for the same activity that they receive funding from Mosaic for.
  • Providers hold all necessary licenses, permits, and approvals that are required by law for the execution of the program.
  • Camps must be operated in locations that are safe, secure, and not currently under attack.
  • If the applicant is an individual who is backed by a non-profit organization, the organization must comply with all the Threshold Requirements and Mosaic will engage with the organization, not the individual.
  • Applicants’ programs are Jewish programs intended for Jewish participants. 
  • Camps must include Jewish and Israel programming throughout the entire track.
  • Family camps must connect participants with Jewish organizations, communal professionals, or other Jewish resources that will be relevant to them year-round.
  • Selection and approval: Each Provider must meet all the Threshold Requirements specified in Section 4 above prior to its selection. Decisions will be made based on their meeting of the Threshold Requirements and according to the following priorities and parameters:
    • Providers with substantial experience and success in operating summer camps and/or similar programs will have priority over those that do not.
    • Preference for providers more likely to be relevant to a future broader summer camps pillar (in terms of potential to partner again, scale, and meet more comprehensive educational criteria).
  • Once applicants are determined to be eligible, the selection committee will divide available resources among approved applicants based on the following additional considerations: preference for small organizations, geographic location, as well as orientation/denomination, style, structure, and type.
  • In the case of multiple offers that exceed the funding capability of the Platform, the maximum funding of a single organization will be limited to 50% of the total funds.
  • The activities will take place between June 12 and September 15, 2022 . The RFP will be publicized via all known relevant channels to ensure that it reaches all possible eligible candidates.