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~Global Jewry Stands with the Residents of the South~

Leveraging the profound unity and collective strength of the global Jewish community, Mosaic United has established an emergency response fund. This fund is designed to support communities in Southern Israel directly affected by the recent Hamas attack.  We aim to tap into our expertise and connect donors to on-field initiatives, securing a prompt response to emerging […]


Adopt-A-Safta is a nonprofit initiative that pairs young adults with lonely & isolated seniors, having a special focus on Holocaust Survivors. Please help Adopt-A-Safta make food deliveries to isolated elderly. We do this important service when war isn’t upon us, but clearly the resources in Israel are thining, with so many called upon for reserve […]

AFINS (American Friends of Israel Navy Seals)

AFINS supports Israel’s Navy SEALS. Current contributions are for immediate use in support of Shayetet-13, Israel’s Navy SEALs support, and their families affected by the war.

Agudat Nitzan

Agudat Nitzan are operating within the evacuation centers. Recognizing the need for ongoing support for children with ADHD and their parents, they have initiated a remedial instruction program, as well as the emotional workshops and ongoing support for the parents.


Aish connects with people from all backgrounds through digital content, with a singular focus of imparting timeless Jewish wisdom. Currently, Aish is fighting Israel’s online battle. They have increased the amount of uplifting pro-Israel content by 500%. Their social media posts tell Israel’s story, and helps others who are confused to understand and tell it […]

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AJEEC-NISPED is an Arab-Jewish organization dedicated to social change in the Negev. Bedouin society suffered dozens of casualties: dead, missing, and wounded. In the Bedouin villages, there are no shelters, sometimes not even an emergency alarm system. They were left exposed to nonstop rocket attacks. AJEEC-NISPED, in partnership with the Shared Emergency Center for the […]

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Alumot Ba'Omer

Alumot Ba’Omer is dedicated to the memory of Omer Tabib, who was killed in the Wall Guard operation. Our mission is to provide essential equipment to soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) who may not have the resources to obtain this equipment themselves. During these times, they are taking care of bereaved families across […]


ALUT – The National Israeli Society for Children and Adults with Autism is the leading organization in Israel for diagnosis, treatment, representation, and research in the field of Autism. In the face of the war, Alut offers a support line, emotional assistance and guidance to deal with the security situation for families with disabilities on the […]


Amcha is the largest provider of mental health and social support services for Holocaust survivors in Israel, currently reaching close to 20,000 individuals. They are currently offering a hotline for Holocaust survivors who have been impacted by the trauma of the current situation.

AMEN – Admat Marpe Nashit

The AMEN healing community provides professional, trauma-informed care, using a woman-centered, feminist, and holistic approach through its dedicated team of clinical social workers. Workers, counselors, and volunteers provides comprehensive support 24/7 and help participants learn how to manage symptoms such as suicidal thoughts and behaviors, self harm, eating and sleeping disorders, and dissociative episodes, helping […]

America-Israel Democracy Coalition

Dedicated to strengthening the foundations of Israel society, supporting communities in need,Medical, psycho-social and physical assistance. Provisioning essential items for displaced familiesAcquiring crucial medical and psychological supplies for the injured childrenHumanitarian aid for families with members kidnapped to Gaza

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American Friends of Herzog Hospital

Herzog Hospital is Israel’s foremost center for geriatric, respiratory, mental health and psychotrauma care, treatment and research. Herzog opened its 160 bed Sheltered Underground Hospital to receive non critical patients from hospitals in the south, mainly serving geriatric patients in rehabilitation and respiratory care departments. This will enable additional space for hospitals in the south […]

American Friends of Shamir Medical Center

Shamir Medical Center (Assaf HaRofeh) is a teaching hospital in Tel Aviv. Shamir Medical Center’s management opened the Emergency Hospitalization complex to provide medical care to the wounded. As of now, The Emergency Hospital has provided treatment to more than one hundred individuals who have sustained varying levels of injuries. Despite their best efforts, the […]

American Friends of Sheba Medical Center

Sheba Medical Center is one of the priemere hospitals in Israel, and is currently playing a critical role in Israel’s response to this war. Thanks to the generous Goldhirsh-Yellin Foundation, every dollar given today will be matched.

American Friends of Soroka Medical Center

Soroka Medical Center, Israel’s vital healthcare guardian during these trying times, is in urgent need of support. Specifically, the Francis and Nathan Kirsh Emergency Department and Trauma Center, which serves as the hospital’s frontline emergency response hub, requires essential equipment to continue saving lives. Your immediate assistance can make a life-saving impact.

American Friends of The Israel Association of Community Centers
American Friends of The Israel Association of Community Centers

The Israel Association of Community Centers (IACC), Israel’s leading social organization, aims to build and develop a nationwide network of sustainable local communities, contributing to a strong and resilient society. The efforts to collect and distribute supplies, as well as to provide entertainment for children, has fallen on local communities. Much of this work is […]


Ranked as the #1 educational network in Israel by the Ministry of Education, AMIT is revolutionizing Israel’s educational scene through innovative methods that harmonize academic excellence with Jewish values. To provide an emergency response, the organization is actively gathering donations to aid the children of Sderot. 

Animal Friendly

Animal Friendly promotes animal rights in Israel. In collaboration with Otneteevi, they have mobilized in order to prepare and deliver delicious vegan food dishes to our heroic soldiers. Otneteevi will provide a meal that includes schnitzel, lasagna, vegetable salad and a “cheese” cake (including transportation of the dishes to the gathering points). Each meal costs […]

Avnei Chen

Avnei Chein was created by a group of deeply concerned and motivated individuals who recognized a clear pattern of destructive and harmful interactions for people suffering from mental health crises due to the lack of patient advocacy, awareness of programs, lack of resources, and other causes. Since the war began, Avnei Chein has emerged to […]
B'nai B'rith and Youth of Israel

B’nai B’rith International is a staunch defender of the State of Israel, advocates for global Jewry and champions the cause of human rights. Youth of Israel has partnered with B’nai B’rith to support injured citizens and help troops on the ground defending our land.

Bakehila - Leading Social Change

Thousands of parents are in survival mode, and a child’s birthday celebration becomes trivial. We believe that even when the situation is difficult, our resilience as a civil society lies in our solidarity. We believe that for these kids, these celebrations constitute an integral part of their social and emotional rehabilitation. We aim to grant […]

Barkai Center for Practical Rabbinics and Community Development

The Barkai Center has trained over 100 Israeli Hebrew speaking rabbis to be true communal leaders and to tranform their communities. These rabbis are now assisting thousands upon thousands soldiers as well as civilians with varied critical needs.
Bayit Brigade

Bayit Brigade offers affordable housing for lone soldiers in Israel using its network. Currently, they are using emergency funds to relocate families stranded in south into safe housing, providing emergency transport, and furnishing temporary housing. In addition, they are providing crucial supplies to all its lone soldiers in the field.

Belev Echad

Belev Echad is an international initiative that empowers veterans to lead limitless lives. In Israel, their dedicated team is actively working to support wounded soldiers, providing essential assistance like food and medical care. Your contribution directly saves lives, ensuring all resources go to the soldiers in need

Beta Lev for Israel

Following the horrific October 7th massacre and Due to the current war, the town of Zufim, located near the security barrier only half a mile from the Palestinian city Qalqilya, is desperately trying to equip our civilian medical forces. Their goal is to protect our residents and those in the surrounding neighbors so the need […]

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Bonot Alternativa

Bonot Alternativa is a non-partisan women’s movement that includes women from all over the Israeli society – secular, religious and ultra-Orthodox, Arab and Jewish who work for women’s rights, equality and representation for women and take part in the fight against violence against women. Bonot Alternativa has shifted all of their efforts towards the war, […]

Brothers and sisters for Israel (1)
Brothers and Sisters for Israel

Brothers and Sisters for Israel is the largest civilian aid organization, offering immediate support to civilians and soldiers in coordination with the Israeli military. Since the war’s start, the organization have tirelessly mobilized resources, located missing individuals, and secured essential equipment for both soldiers and civilians. Their comprehensive logistical efforts leave no request unaddressed.

For further assistance: Liat +972502025520
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Brothers for Life

Brothers for Life is run by injured Israeli veterans, which gives critical and immediate help to other injured Israeli combat veterans who sacrificed their lives for the safety of the Jewish people. Our immediate actions and needs in the coming weeks include deploying our teams to the hospitals to conduct over 1,000 initial meetings with […]

Cadena Israel

Cadena is a Jewish Humanitarian NGO, assisting in immediate humanitarian relief in disasters. After monitoring the needs arising from the conflict, CADENA is initiated the response to assist the civilian population in shelters and provide logistical support to regional distribution centers.

Cafe' Europa Logo
Cafe Europe

Every day the restaurant opens its doors and cooks over 2000 food meals for families, soldiers, hospitals who turn to them and need for meals. Every contact that contacts them, they make sure that they do need meals (meat and Vegan) and that the restaurant is their daily solution. Every day around 50-60 people come […]

Chabad Katamon
Chabad of Katamon’s 

Chabad of Katamon provides support and activities for local families. Chabad of Katamon’s Emergency activities during Operation Iron Swords:Mobilizing volunteers to provide food, services, and supplies throughout Israel.
Chabad of Talbiya- Mamilla 

Chabad of Talbiya- Mamilla is dedicated to assisting Israeli families from the South who’ve had their lives upended by the terrible war. With over 100 devoted volunteers, we’ve already helped over 300 families forced to relocate to Jerusalem due to the ongoing conflict. They arrived with nothing and we’ve provided them with essentials – shelter, […]

Chabad's Terror Victims Project
Chabad's Terror Victims Project

Chabad’s Terror Victims Project (CTVP) is a non-profit, humanitarian organization that embodies the spirit, love, and compassion of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, who was the guiding force behind its conception. CTVP’s sole mission is to help victims of terror and war, and their families, throughout Israel.

Chasdi Naomi

Chasdi Naomi is especially committed to the residents of the Gaza Strip and the South: we continue with the distribution of food packages and sweets for children and now a special one for the residents of the Gaza Strip and the South.

Chayal el Chayal

Supporting Lone Soldiers of the IDF. Whether it’s Shabbat & Holiday meals, events & trips, working together, we can provide our young heroes with all the physical and spiritual support they deserve.

Cities of Israel and My Israel
Cities of Israel and My Israel

The organizations “Cities of Israel” and “My Israel” are dedicated to enhancing personal and public security across Israeli cities. During these days they work in coordination with volunteers, security forces, and the police to bolster residents’ vigilance and preparedness, helping prevent loss of life. Their current needs include basic equipment for alert formations to increase […]

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Civil Operation room - Jerusalem

Operation room with few of the Jerusalem big organizations and movements, operating tousand of volunteers assisting incoming calls in Jerusalem area

Donations info: +972 50-745-7922⁩
For further assistance: 0504448108
CJP Emergency Fund
CJP Emergency Fund

Combined Jewish Philanthropies raises and invests money and nurtures partnerships to build a purposeful, vital, and inclusive Jewish community.They have opened this emergency fund to provide immediate financial assistance and relief to victims of terror and war.100% of your donation will go toward supporting victims of terror and addressing the unprecedented levels of trauma caused […]


Crossroads offers support and therapy to at-risk Anglo teens in Israel. Now specifically Crossroads is offering free remote sessions with social work for English speaking teens experiencing trauma from the war.

Robbie Sassoon
CSPC (The Community Stress Prevention Center)

CSPC is the leading organization in Israel that treats and prevents psychotrauma. They promote stress and crisis management on national, organizational, community, and individual levels worldwide. They are looking to ease thousands of Israeli families’ immense pain and devastation through their specialty in crisis, trauma, and resilience.


Darkenu’s present activities encompass three critical initiatives: Humanitarian Aid and Emergency Response, supporting border communities and security forces with vital supplies; partnership with the Captives and Missing Soldiers Headquarters to advocate for the return of the hostages; and DemocraTV’s special broadcasts highlighting the crisis’s humanitarian aspects, enemy actions, and tales of survival. These initiatives aim […]
Darkenu Operation Room

Darkenu organizes, amplifies, and empowers the moderate majority of Israelis to exert influence on government policy and on the public discourse, ensuring our nation acts in line with the wishes of citizens, the spirit of Zionism, the principles of democracy, and that it remains grounded in a foundation of mutual respect and responsibility. During these […];
For further assistance:
David's Army

David’s Army is a non-profit organization with hundreds of volunteers from all over the country and worldwide. This diverse group – men and women, religious and secular, young and old – united around one goal: to provide humanitarian aid to those in need in an emergency and real-time. They work to mobilize resources and quickly […]

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Derech Prat

A group of friends from Derach Prat, “Ein Prat – The Academy for Leadership” that is dedicated to the development of future leaders of the State of Israel and the Jewish people, collects needs from soldiers on the front lines and helps them to get the best protective gear to make sure they return home […]
Discount Bank - Keren Or

The Discount Group, in cooperation with the Hezenak Leatid association, established the Or Foundation (Keren Or) and is donating an initial sum of 50 million NIS. The fund, by established by Discount and Mercantile Banks, will help children and youth who were harmed on the conflict line during the war and will provide for their […]

Dream Doctors

The Dream Doctors Project is a unique non-profit organization that incorporates professional medical clowns into Israeli hospitals, training them to function as part of medical care teams. They run the Healing Heart Operation, offering emotional support to injured individuals and those who have lost loved ones.
Dror for the wounded

The Dror for the Wounded Foundation helps severely wounded Israeli soldiers and provides these brave individuals with financial assistance for medical and psychological treatments, education and training, small construction projects, advocacy and general financial aid.

Duvdevan Foundation

The goal of the Duvdevan Foundation is to be the mainstay of past, present, and future Duvdevan Unit soldiers and supports them in several different areas. Currently supporting the Duvdevan soldiers on the front lines.

Early Starters International
Early Starters International

Early Starters International is an educational humanitarian organization that brings back a healthy childhood to young children in emergency situations and vulnerable communities around the world. Early Starters International has opened up safe spaces for evacuated children in three areas around the country – Ma’aleh Hahamisha, the Dead Sea, and Eilat. 

Eitan - Everybody Can

They propose a system of personalized fitness training for individuals with special needs and their families in all stay centers. Additionally, they conduct empowerment workshops for large groups in stay centers, facilitated by trainees with special needs who have become instructors themselves. This initiative has demonstrated efficacy in helping overcome immediate challenges, significantly contributing to […]

Elah Center for Coping with Loss

Elah Center for Coping with Loss has 44 years of experience in providing professional mental assistance, mainly to people who have experienced traumatic loss. Since October 7th, their team of 700 professional therapists has been providing free therapy sessions to those who have suffered from the atrocities but who are not eligible for State support. […]

ELEM youth in distress

ELEM provides critical emotinal support and shelters for teens. Currently operating a hotline for teens experiencing anxiety and trauma while continuing its critical shelters.

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Eliav Community

Eliav sits strategically in Israel’s southern foothills, 800 meters from the security barrier with the West Bank/Judea & Samaria and less than 40 kilometers from the Gaza Strip. The community numbers almost 1,000 people, of whom over 700 are children, not including many refugee families fleeing the conflict. While they have always faced the threat […]

EMDA (Alzheimer's Israel)

Israel’s Alzheimer’s Association (EMDA) supports 150,000 people with Dementia. Among the Southern/Northern residents there are many elderly people with Dementia and many more of their caregivers who have experienced trauma, stress and change in daily routine and feeling of safety. EMDA offers them special activity kits to help them focused on healthy cognitive, motor and […]

Emergency Fund for Equipment and Urgent Needs of Israeli Soldiers

This is a private crowdfunding campaign, run by Rabbi Tamar Elad-Applebaum, and Steve and Chani Laufer, for emergency fund for equipment and other urgent needs of Israeli soldiers.

ERAN - Emotional First Aid

ERAN provides Lifesaving Emotional First Aid Services, offering initial response and emotional support on the phone and online, while maintaining strict confidentiality and anonymity. Their hotlines are available for those experiencing trauma during this time, and are available in multiple languages.


ESRA, the home of English speakers in Israel, is committed to making English speakers feel right at home in Israel by serving as a supportive community network. It provides services, offers activities, and acts as a platform to give back to olim of all ages and at all stages of their integration. ESRA are devoting […]

Ezer Lachayal Kfar Chabad

Ezer Lachayel is an Israeli NGO that helps civilian soldiers. Since the current war began, the organization has provided clothing and dry food supplies to soldiers in need.

Ezer Mizion

Ezer Mizion, the Israel Health Support Organization, offers an extensive range of medical and social support services to help Israel’s sick, disabled, elderly and underprivileged populations. Currently offering psycological assistance, hotlines, volunteers and more

Ezrat Achim
Ezrat Achim

Ezrat Achim was founded in 1997 by Avraham Kopp of Beit Shemesh, a trained paramedic who observed that many residents of Bet Shemesh did not have access to the medical equipment they needed. Today, the Ezrat Achim Center is located in a 200 sqm building with thousands of pieces of up-to-date medical equipment, loaned free […]


Fidel, founded by native and Ethiopian-Israelis, empowers Ethiopian Israeli Youth through education and leadership initiatives. Fidel’s Youth Centers, located in the southern cities of the country, serve as a second home for teenagers, offering emotional support and educational enrichment after school. With its target population in the crossline of fire, Fidel has set out to […]

Nega Alena

FIDF is the sole organization designated by the IDF in the United States to collect donations for its soldiers. 300,000 soldiers and reservists are on the front lines, facing an unprecedented and harrowing conflict, making our support for them more critical than ever.

Fighting Online Antisemitism (FOA)

Fighting Online Antisemitism (FOA), a non-profit organization dedicated to combating rising online antisemitism. Founded in Israel in 2020, our international network of volunteers makes a difference on a global scale by ensuring that antisemitic and anti-Israeli content is monitored, reported, and promptly removed from the most popular social media platforms.As part of the ongoing war […]
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Food for Life - Israel

Food for life adopts hundreds of families each month and continues to adopt more families in need, and especially during the holydays. Our goal is to provide help during the difficult times until people can stand on their own feet again. Today, more than ever, they are active in  distrubuting food packages to soldiers and […]

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For Me and for You

The Association “For Me and for You” is a non-profit organization whose activity is aimed at providing assistance and support to the residents of Israel. Today, they are active for the well being of the citizens of the south.
Friends of Guardian Brother

Friends of Guardian Brother  is a non-profit organization that has been established to provide veteran Israeli soldiers with mental health support. Currently they are providing discreet and free psychological assistance.

Hanoar Hatzioni
Friends of Hanoar Hatzioni

Hanoar Hatzioni is a Jewish, Zionist youth movement focused on shaping individuals with strong values and a deep connection to the Jewish people, culture, and Israel. Currently, their goals include supporting friends who made Aliyah and serve in the IDF and ensuring educational continuity amid the ongoing war.

Friends of Israel Scouts
Friends of Israel Scouts

For many years, the Kibbutzim have taken upon themselves to be a family in Israel for lone soldiers of Tzofim Garin Tzabar – Family for life! Today, following the horrendous terror attack, the organization wish to support and assure the future of Kibbutz Urim, Nir Yitzhak, Kissufim, Erez, Sa’ad, and Kibbutz Alumim.

Friends of Kaplan Medical center
Friends of Kaplan Medical center

Kaplan Medical Center is an excellency center integrating professional quality, innovation and personal, humane and dedicated health care.The Kaplan Medical Center has to strengthened the emergency and trauma frontlines, prepared to respond to a multi-casualty incident, equipt itself with life-saving equipment, including a casualty evacuation vehicle – to ensure the resilience of the hospital.

Friends of Nahal Haredi

Beyond the organization’s support for Battalion 97 and Reserve Battalion 941, they have the unique advantage of 18,000 veterans, many of whom actively serve in diverse fighting battalions. Their dedicated professional field staff, on the ground and in direct contact with these veterans, pinpoints their unit’s needs in real-time, ensuring equipment reaches where it’s most […]

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Friends of the Barzilai Medical Center - Ashkelon

Barzilai Medical Center, which is located some six miles from the Gaza border, has repeatedly come under rocket attack since Saturday, which has damaged portions of its main building (no one was injured as these unfortified areas had already been evacuated). While the hospitals will be dealing with most of the casualties from the fighting, […]

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Friends of Yad Sarah

The defining mission of Yad Sarah is to enable chronically ill, disabled, infirm, and terminally ill people, ranging in age from infancy to old age, to live at home either on their own or in the care of their families or caregivers, with dignity and as independently as possible, providing a vital array of compassionate […]


Foundation that provides direct support to special projects in Israel. Currently prividing direct goods to people in the south – such as Sderot, Ashkelon, people who were displaced. Items include mattresses, hotfood, toiletries, toys for displaced families. etc.


GFIDF provides emotional support for the families and partners of fallen IDF soldiers. They will be opening at least 10 new support and therapy groups for the dozens of bereaved girlfriends of soldiers and need your support.

Givat Haviva International School

Our school brings together Jewish, Arab and international youth with leadership potential to live and learn together for up to three years. During this time they form deep personal connections and friendships while gaining skills in conflict resolution, mediation and diplomacy. Cuurently, with Givat Haviva’s campus in the north, they are housing families in their […]

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Gvanim is all about empowering individuals to live their best lives. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to fulfill their potential and make a meaningful impact in their community. Our transformative programs cater to young people with special needs, including emotional, physical, cognitive, and communication challenges. Over time, our pioneering work has expanded to […]
HaAchim Restaurant

HaAchim Restaurant is group of restaurants and volunteers feeding soldiers in the front line and families torn from their homes. Dozens of restaurants, big and small, are preparing tens of thousands of dishes every day and deliver them to soldiers, to the families of those injured and hospitalized, and to civilians who fled their homes […]


Habayta is a national organization that works to strengthen the sense of belonging, identity and security of Olim ( immigrants) in Israel. We specialize in listening and attending to Olim from a wide range of countries, and connecting them with Israeli youth and families. They are now supplying foor and equipment to IDF soldiers in […]