IAC and Mosaic United renew partnership

At the recent Israeli American Council’s National Conference, Mosaic United publicly renewed its partnership with one of the largest grassroots organizations of Israelis abroad.

The joint initiative of Mosaic and the IAC is a testament to the commitment of both organizations to furthering the interests of the Israeli-American community. The two programs – “Gvanim Leadership” and “Gvanim Hiburim and Roundtables” – announced at the gathering will play a crucial role in promoting leadership, education, and engagement within the community.

The Gvanim Leadership program will provide training and development opportunities for the next generation of Jewish leaders in the Israeli-American community. This program aims to equip young professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to drive positive change within the local Jewish community and beyond.

The Gvanim Hiburim and Roundtables program will provide a platform for Israeli-American Jews to engage in discussions and debates on issues that are important to them. These roundtables will bring together individuals from both the Israeli-American community and the Jewish-American community to share their perspectives, knowledge, and experiences.

In addition to introducing the partnership, the conference provided the opportunity to meet with partners such as UJA Toronto, the Israeli Scouts of North America, The Jewish Education Project, and Hillel International as well as others major participants in the Israeli-American society in North America.

Meir Holtz, Mosaic United CEO, and Meitav Tesler Schimmel, Yisraelim Director, represented Mosaic at the IAC’s annual conclave, and the newly minted Israeli Minister of Diaspora Affairs, Amichai Chikli, was also in attendance.

Meir was a panel speaker on the topic of educating Israeli society to relate to the Diaspora. During the panel, he presented the extensive activities of Mosaic and, in particular, Yisraelim.  Meitav participated in the forum of Gvanim graduates and presented the partnership between Mosaic and IAC, highlighting the importance of investing in the Israeli-American community.

With the close of a successful conference, we now look forward to continuing the renewed partnership with the IAC and the positive change and platform for growth and development for the Israeli-American community it will provide.

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