In times of crisis and emergency situations, the organization Tzeirim B’Yerucham, (“Youths in Yerucham”) is a central part of local operations that contributes to the resilience of the local community and the people of Israel, and is now operating in three main areas: 1. Nearly 200 families (1200 people) from the Gaza Envelope are staying in Yerucham. The organization is helping to provide them with accommodations, mental health support, hot meals, and extracurricular activities. 2. The Yerucham community has developed a dispatch system operated by local volunteers to provide basic needs for the hundreds of soldiers stationed in the area such as hygiene products, underwear, hot meals, and other necessities that arise. 3. The organization also provides security reinforcement and defense equipment for the town, as well as accessible information to those who do not speak Hebrew, mental support and basic needs for elderly and at-risk families, and educational activities for the children and residents of Yerucham.

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