The Center needs help as there is a flood of survivors of sexual violence turning to them for crisis intervention services – as the brutal rapes during the October 7th attack necessitate extensive healing and seeing horrifying images flashing across their news feed or any number of other war-related experiences has set off physical stress reactions in those who suffered sexual assault in the past, triggering Post Trauma (PTSD) reactions and excruciating mental anguish. Additionally, professionals/volunteers on the frontlines desperately need the tools to identify, understand and properly refer those women whose trauma from the attack has been amplified by rape, as well as secondary traumatization prevention/resiliency training to cope with the horrors that they are bearing witness to – as the Center is considered an expert resource on these subjects our trainings are vital in this area. The Center has extensive experience regarding documenting sexual violence survivors’ stories through our ‘Testimonies Project’ and as our know-how could be critical in preventing retraumatization they are working with the IDF to draft protocols around safe documentation, develop a training module customized for the IDF on this subject, undertake needs assessments in the field, provide equipment, facilitate trainings for those doing the documenting, while also arranging for the Center’s highly experienced personnel to be involved on-site in the process.

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