In the midst of this terrible war, Israel’s top medical emergency organizations – Magen David Adom, Sheba Tel Hashomer, Barzilai Hospital, and Rachashei Lev – have united in an unprecedented collaborative effort. Our singular mission: to address the pressing needs of our brave soldiers.

Rachashei Lev’s role in this collective endeavor is profound. Beyond deploying additional ambulances and offering our facilities to IDF soldiers, they ensure they have timely access to essential medications, nourishing meals, and the heartfelt warmth and support essential during such challenging times. Their care doesn’t stop there; they extend support to the soldiers’ families, ensuring they too receive the emotional and logistical backing they so desperately need during this crisis.

Magen David Adom, serving as Israel’s national emergency medical service, remains a steadfast pillar during these tumultuous times, ensuring the swift transportation of over 2,000 wounded soldiers to crucial medical centers. Due to its proximity to Gaza, Barzilai Hospital, alongside the renowned Sheba Tel Hashomer, have emerged as the epicenters of medical treatment. Together, they tirelessly work around the clock, providing unparalleled care and attention to our wounded heroes amidst this crisis.

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