Kibbutz Sufa was established in 1977 in the Yamit area, in 1982 Following the peace agreements with Egypt, Kibbutz Sufa was moved to a new permanent location in the Eshkol Regional Council and only about two kilometers from the southern border of the Gaza Strip. Since the establishment of the kibbutz, the community has faced constant security tensions and difficult times, including security incidents, which include rocket fire on the kibbutz, terrorist infiltration attempts, direct fire on the kibbutz houses and damage to lives and property that affected life in the kibbutz. On Sat, Oct 7th, dozens of terrorists infiltrated the kibbutz and went on a killing and terror spree, moving from house to house to kill, wound, or kidnapping anyone in their path. The terrorists damaged the contents of homes, property, and community buildings. The entire kibbutz was evacuated by order of the army, with minimal clothing and essential equipment. There is no foreseeable return date, and building the kibbutz back will take a herculean effort.

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