Kibbutz Reim, located on the border of the Gaza Strip, experienced a large-scale, brutal terrorist attack when dozens of Hamas terrorists penetrated the Kibbutz, slaughtering and injuring a large number of civilians, women, children, and senior citizens. The residents were forced to fend for themselves – fighting and pleading for their lives without protection or backup for hours till the military arrived. There are heroic stories of our community fighting for their lives from door to door alongside the great tragedies of local residents who were killed in their own homes, young people that been kidnapped, and many more. Kibbutz Reim used to be one of the quietest places in the Western Negev, a beautiful place to live and on a great and beautiful piece of land has now become a battlefield. The survivors of the terrorist attack were evacuated from their homes for an undetermined amount of time, fleeing without time to prepare and without the basic amenities. The kibbutz’s economy is based on agriculture and has been completely destroyed, resulting in irreparable damage to the infrastructure and livelihood of hundreds of families of the Kibbutz.

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