The Keshet association has been working for many years among the Bedouin communities in the Negev Mountains. The Keshet association operates in the fields of recognition, regulation, development of heritage tourism, cultural preservation, environment, traditional agriculture, and education. Since the outbreak of the war, there has been an inspiring mobilization of the Bedouins in the south, for every mission, including fighting and rescuing casualties and bodies under fire in the service of civil rescue organizations. The contribution of the people of the unknown villages is especially noticeable. 16 Bedouin civilians were killed by falling rockets due to the lack of protected spaces, many fled south to temporary camps and those who remained behind were afraid to go to urban shopping centers for fear of racial harassment and physical attacks. Many families are left without basic hygiene products, and water supply and are having difficulty providing themselves with food security and personal security. Keshet is providing food and supplies for these communities.

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