For the past three years, Heart to Plate, an organization founded by two young entrepreneurs during the COVID pandemic, has been working with Holocaust survivors and elderly people living without family support, many of whom suffer from food insecurity. They connect them with volunteer families living in their communities who visit them every Friday and bring them home-cooked meals for Shabbat. On the eve of the war, Heart to Plate was active in six cities – Tel Aviv, Haifa, Rehovot, Kiryat Ata, Migdal HaEmek and Yokneam – and supporting 250 elderly people with the help of 600 volunteers. Their plan was to work toward launching activities in Ashkelon after the holidays – and now that task has become critical and urgent due to the current situation. As such, instead of beginning their work in Ashkelon gradually, they are working to identify 50 isolated seniors in dire straits and recruit 100 volunteer families over the next few months.

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