Ezrat Achim was founded in 1997 by Avraham Kopp of Beit Shemesh, a trained paramedic who observed that many residents of Bet Shemesh did not have access to the medical equipment they needed. Today, the Ezrat Achim Center is located in a 200 sqm building with thousands of pieces of up-to-date medical equipment, loaned free of charge to residents throughout the city.

Since the war started, Ezrat Achim has stood on the front lines with the IDF soldiers and families by purchasing and delivering first aid kits and other army-related supplies according to specific daily requests from commanders and individual soldiers on IDF bases across Israel, as well as protective ear for ambulance drivers. They have also brought clothing, toys, toiletries, bedding, diapers, formula, and much more to families impacted. Lastly, every day they deliver freshly cooked meals prepared in the Ezrat Achim Chessed kitchen (in memory of David and Ann Steinmetz a”h).

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