Healing Creation Spaces

“Healing Creation Spaces” is a project founded at the beginning of the current Israeli war, by art therapy interns and young therapists who believe in the power of art as a tool for self healing in difficult times. We are an open and mobile creative space that operates in hotels and centers that host evacuees […]

Heart to Plate

For the past three years, Heart to Plate, an organization founded by two young entrepreneurs during the COVID pandemic, has been working with Holocaust survivors and elderly people living without family support, many of whom suffer from food insecurity. They connect them with volunteer families living in their communities who visit them every Friday and […]

The Tel Aviv Sexual Assault Crisis Center

The Center needs help as there is a flood of survivors of sexual violence turning to them for crisis intervention services – as the brutal rapes during the October 7th attack necessitate extensive healing and seeing horrifying images flashing across their news feed or any number of other war-related experiences has set off physical stress […]

The Hanaton Educational Center

The Hannaton Education Center is involved in several emergency initiatives during these challenging times. They have opened their campus to host families who have survived the massacre, as well as IDF units on their way to the northern frontline. Additionally, members of Mechina are volunteering with the survivors of the massacre in evacuation centers across […]

Tzeirim B’Yerucham

In times of crisis and emergency situations, the organization Tzeirim B’Yerucham, (“Youths in Yerucham”) is a central part of local operations that contributes to the resilience of the local community and the people of Israel, and is now operating in three main areas: 1. Nearly 200 families (1200 people) from the Gaza Envelope are staying […]

Koach Liran

Koach Liran- The Liran Force is an initiative in memory of Liran Almosnino who fell in the battle of Holit on October 7. The Liran Force has an array of volunteers who transport soldiers and evacuees from across the south and north of the country to visit the injured, funerals, and short vacations. As of […]


Unistream is a highly-regarded Israeli NGO that offers entrepreneurial educational activities to youth and teens from the country’s socioeconomic and geographic periphery, the latter of which have been deeply impacted by the war. Unistream is seeking funds to offer its award-winning informal educational activities to teens and families who have been relocated and experienced trauma, […]

Hitech for Israel (Hamal Hitech)

Hamal Hitech is an initiative that brings together a consortium of high-tech companies, which provided initial funding. It operates under the guidance of non-profit professionals who manage field operations and ensure a thoughtful distribution of funds. They have recently started fundraising efforts for various initiatives, including mental health support through different grassroots, food and supply […]

National Union of Israeli Students

The National Union of Israeli Students started a civil initiative hoping to provide our troops with the necessary protective gear. They handle all aspects of the operation, including purchasing and distributing gear.

David’s Army

David’s Army is a non-profit organization with hundreds of volunteers from all over the country and worldwide. This diverse group – men and women, religious and secular, young and old – united around one goal: to provide humanitarian aid to those in need in an emergency and real-time. They work to mobilize resources and quickly […]

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