Kesher – The Home for Special Families

Kesher – The Home for Special Families works to promote the quality of life and rights of families of children and adults with special needs, believing that empowered and involved parents and families are the source of strength and hope for their children. The ‘Swords of Iron’ war and the wave of brutal terror have […]

Eitan – Everybody Can

They propose a system of personalized fitness training for individuals with special needs and their families in all stay centers. Additionally, they conduct empowerment workshops for large groups in stay centers, facilitated by trainees with special needs who have become instructors themselves. This initiative has demonstrated efficacy in helping overcome immediate challenges, significantly contributing to […]

Healing Creation Spaces

“Healing Creation Spaces” is a project founded at the beginning of the current Israeli war, by art therapy interns and young therapists who believe in the power of art as a tool for self healing in difficult times. We are an open and mobile creative space that operates in hotels and centers that host evacuees […]

Summit Institue

Summit Institute (, provides foster care services in Jerusalem and in the South of Israel. In the aftermath of October 7, children who have already lost a biological parent are now faced with another loss of a parent who has either been kidnapped, conscripted into the reserves, or even killed. Please help establish an emergency […]

Agudat Nitzan

Agudat Nitzan are operating within the evacuation centers. Recognizing the need for ongoing support for children with ADHD and their parents, they have initiated a remedial instruction program, as well as the emotional workshops and ongoing support for the parents.

Heart to Plate

For the past three years, Heart to Plate, an organization founded by two young entrepreneurs during the COVID pandemic, has been working with Holocaust survivors and elderly people living without family support, many of whom suffer from food insecurity. They connect them with volunteer families living in their communities who visit them every Friday and […]


Some 35% of the 60,000 Gaza Envelope evacuees to Eilat are teenagers. We are witnessing an increasing number of teenagers who refrain from any social engagement. They are weakening their resilience and developing behaviors that characterize youth at risk. Diving has become an increasingly attractive activity among at-risk youth and those in therapy. The Yam […]

The Western Wall Heritage Foundation

The Western Wall Heritage Foundation offers *free of charge* a half-day respite at the sites of the Wall tunnels. Includes tours, meals, crafts for children, musicians, transportation and more. So far they have already hosted 5,000 people, the feedback has been amazing and gives the strength to continue with this project. The location is secure […]

The Hanaton Educational Center

The Hannaton Education Center is involved in several emergency initiatives during these challenging times. They have opened their campus to host families who have survived the massacre, as well as IDF units on their way to the northern frontline. Additionally, members of Mechina are volunteering with the survivors of the massacre in evacuation centers across […]

EMDA (Alzheimer’s Israel)

Israel’s Alzheimer’s Association (EMDA) supports 150,000 people with Dementia. Among the Southern/Northern residents there are many elderly people with Dementia and many more of their caregivers who have experienced trauma, stress and change in daily routine and feeling of safety. EMDA offers them special activity kits to help them focused on healthy cognitive, motor and […]

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