Municipality of Kiryat Shmona

On October 20, 2023, the State of Israel and the Israel Defense Forces [IDF] formally issued their decision to evacuate Kiryat Shmona, and the evacuation began that same day. the current concentrating efforts on supporting both evacuated families from Kiryat Shmona who had to leave their homes. They are scattered around Israel in hotels and […]

Snir Association for Equal Opportunities

Snir, an Israeli non-profit with a long track record of social initiatives with communities in need is supporting the north and south evacuees and meeting their needs beyond food and shelter. They have put together a fundraising campaign to provide families with laptop computers – a vital need in this moment of ongoing trauma. Computer […]

Tsav 8 for Designers

‘Designers Tsav 8 project is an initiative led by the designer Miri Balbul, along with 120 colleagues. Currently, they are supporting bereaved families and soldiers wounded in the Iron Swords war by creating enveloping and supportive rooms that will help soldiers recover and cope with the traumas they experienced due to the war.

Ezrat Achim

Ezrat Achim was founded in 1997 by Avraham Kopp of Beit Shemesh, a trained paramedic who observed that many residents of Bet Shemesh did not have access to the medical equipment they needed. Today, the Ezrat Achim Center is located in a 200 sqm building with thousands of pieces of up-to-date medical equipment, loaned free […]

HaAchim Restaurant

HaAchim Restaurant is group of restaurants and volunteers feeding soldiers in the front line and families torn from their homes. Dozens of restaurants, big and small, are preparing tens of thousands of dishes every day and deliver them to soldiers, to the families of those injured and hospitalized, and to civilians who fled their homes […]

Leoro Nelech

A volunteer association that advocates doing good. These days, the association prepares kits for bereaved families, and the families of the kidnapped to strengthen their spirits. The association employs volunteers to distribute the packages.

Kibbutz Kissufim

This campaign is to help rebuild Kibbutz Kissufim, a tight-knit community that was attacked by the deadly terrorist attack carried out by Hamas on October 07, 2023

Kibbutz Nirim

Kibbutz Nirim in Israel underwent a horrific massacre in the early morning hours of October 7th, 2023. To return to the region as a strong community, they need partners and friends. They need donations to help those who have lost their homes and loved ones rebuild their lives and our community

Spirit of Israel

The Israeli Spirit works to mobilize and involve Israeli society in social issues in order to reduce social gaps, provide equal opportunities, and strengthen disadvantaged populations with an emphasis on children and youth at risk, and young people from the periphery. Currently, they are donating aid grants for families impacted by the war.

Yahel Israel

Yahel Israel trains, supports, and inspires individuals and organizations to take part in responsible and sustainable volunteering in Israel alongside local community members. In light of the horrific and unfathomable attacks and the ongoing war in Israel, Yahel Israel is mobilizing its efforts to provide crucial support to those who need it as needs arise […]

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