Paamoney Ruach (Wind Chimes)

The fundraising campaign for the Wind Chimes Center is aimed at providing emergency support to expand trauma therapy services for individuals in Israel who have been deeply affected by the recent war with Hamas. The campaign seeks to increase therapy session capacity, enhance facilities to create a nurturing environment for healing, and strengthen training programs […]

Hitech for Israel (Hamal Hitech)

Hamal Hitech is an initiative that brings together a consortium of high-tech companies, which provided initial funding. It operates under the guidance of non-profit professionals who manage field operations and ensure a thoughtful distribution of funds. They have recently started fundraising efforts for various initiatives, including mental health support through different grassroots, food and supply […]

Yemin Orde

Yemin Orde Youth Village provides a home for youth from Ethiopia, France, the former Soviet Union, Brazil, and Israel. Many of these children have experienced significant trauma in their early lives, which includes experiences such as loss, neglect, abandonment, and extreme poverty. To meet the current urgent needs of these young people, the following resources […]

Nova Support

Safe Heart (Nova Support) is an emergency mental health project that is dedicated to connecting the 3500 survivors of the Nova Rave Massacre to licensed and certified mental health professionals. Their aim is to reach whoever needs help within the 4-6 week PTSD prevention window. We have only a few weeks to stop the cycle […]

Yad Ezer LaHaver

Yad Ezer LaHaver, a non-profit organization, includes hundreds of doctors and mental health professionals, and recruits top experts in the field to establish guidelines for this work and eligibility for receiving this aid. The organization’s vision is to allow every civilian in the first line of those affected by the war to be able to […]

Nefesh Now

Nefesh Now is a project that was established in response to the war and was created with the needs of the residents of the Gaza Strip in mind. As a result of the war thousands of families had to leave everything behind – clothes, toothbrushes, medicines, and our homes – and simply flee! The place […]

Avnei Chen

Avnei Chein was created by a group of deeply concerned and motivated individuals who recognized a clear pattern of destructive and harmful interactions for people suffering from mental health crises due to the lack of patient advocacy, awareness of programs, lack of resources, and other causes. Since the war began, Avnei Chein has emerged to […]

Lema’an Achai

Lema’an Achai was founded in 2000 by a group of dedicated, innovative Ramat Beit Shemesh residents. Lema’an Achai envisions making a significant dent in poverty in Israel, endeavoring to help people restore their economic independence. Currently, they are providing critical assistance for families fleeing the south that include: hygiene & clothing essentials for our sons […]

Home Base – Back to Society

Home Base helps families and individuals which were struggling economically before the war and are now on the brink of bankruptcy. Their coordinators and volunteers connect with families and individuals through the local welfare municipalities and offer them holistic support – they emotional support as well as financial( follow them to the bank, social security […]

Kibbutz Nahal Oz

Nahal Oz, situated just 0.75 miles from the Gaza border, is one of the communities directly affected by the recent Hamas attack. In the aftermath of this horrific event, the Nahal Oz community is mourning an unimaginable loss. They have identified the most pressing needs, which include psycho-social support, emergency aid for 50 families victimized […]

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