Tsav 8 for Designers

‘Designers Tsav 8 project is an initiative led by the designer Miri Balbul, along with 120 colleagues. Currently, they are supporting bereaved families and soldiers wounded in the Iron Swords war by creating enveloping and supportive rooms that will help soldiers recover and cope with the traumas they experienced due to the war.

Israel, The People of Eternity (ITPE)

ITPE- a group of Israeli entrepreneurs who care come together from various sectors of the industry with the top priority being the safety of our friends and families — the Israeli people. We’ve combined an extensive network of decision-makers, donors, manufacturers, and suppliers to address the crisis’s urgent needs and long-term rehabilitation. Their goal is […]

Kibbutz Sufa

Kibbutz Sufa was established in 1977 in the Yamit area, in 1982 Following the peace agreements with Egypt, Kibbutz Sufa was moved to a new permanent location in the Eshkol Regional Council and only about two kilometers from the southern border of the Gaza Strip. Since the establishment of the kibbutz, the community has faced […]

Kibbutz Magen

Kibbutz Magen was founded in 1949. Sat Oct 7th, was its darkest day. The standby platoon (volunteer members of the kibbutz) halted the attack with supreme bravery and waited for the help of the IDF soldiers. Meanwhile, the rockets landed in the heart of the kibbutz, where there was no Iron Dome to protect the […]

Kibbutz Reim

Kibbutz Reim, located on the border of the Gaza Strip, experienced a large-scale, brutal terrorist attack when dozens of Hamas terrorists penetrated the Kibbutz, slaughtering and injuring a large number of civilians, women, children, and senior citizens. The residents were forced to fend for themselves – fighting and pleading for their lives without protection or […]

Kibbutz Kissufim

This campaign is to help rebuild Kibbutz Kissufim, a tight-knit community that was attacked by the deadly terrorist attack carried out by Hamas on October 07, 2023

Kibbutz Nirim

Kibbutz Nirim in Israel underwent a horrific massacre in the early morning hours of October 7th, 2023. To return to the region as a strong community, they need partners and friends. They need donations to help those who have lost their homes and loved ones rebuild their lives and our community

Kibbutz Alumim

Kibbutz Alumim, located on the border of the Gaza Strip was founded in 1966. For the 57 years of its existence, it has flourished, producing prime agriculture, and generations of children and youth, but all came to a standstill during a long day of battle. On the morning of 7th October, 2023, on the joyous […]

Jewish National Fund (JNF)

JNF builds a prosperous future for the Jewish people in Israel. Jewish National Fund-USA has worked in close partnership with the communities suffering most for decades, and is uniquely prepared to assist in meeting the emergency needs created by the current crisis. They are hard at work finding ways to help ease the pain and […]

Kibbutz Kfar Azza

Kibbutz Kfar-Azza, a once-thriving community of 1000 people, was devastated within 48 hours, with many lives lost and homes reduced to rubble. The survivors, who endured unimaginable trauma, now need immediate assistance to rebuild their beloved kibbutz. Your support is crucial in these difficult times

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