Heart to Plate

For the past three years, Heart to Plate, an organization founded by two young entrepreneurs during the COVID pandemic, has been working with Holocaust survivors and elderly people living without family support, many of whom suffer from food insecurity. They connect them with volunteer families living in their communities who visit them every Friday and […]

Yad L’Achim

Yad L’Achim is engaged in rescuing Jewish women and their children from Arab villages and helping rehabilitate them within the Jewish community. In addition they wage an unceasing battle against assimilation and intermarriage, save souls from the clutches of the missionaries, and are involved in educational guidance and information campaigns. Currently, they are heling single-parent […]

Na Laga’at 

Na Laga’at is a cultural center that arranges meetings between people with sensory disabilities and the general public. Currently, their team, in collaboration with additional volunteers, initiates the ‘Served with Love’ project: hot meals for soldiers and Gaza Envelope evacuees. The kitchen staff and employees of Na Laga’at, together with other volunteers, operate Na Laga’at’s […]

The Israeli Celiac Rights Organization

The Celiac Rights Organization was founded in 2014 by Dan Solomon, with the aim of raising awareness and providing more comfortable and fairer living conditions for celiac patients and their families. Since the beginning of the Iron Swords War, the organization has provided gluten-free food for evacuated soldiers and families that were evacuated from their […]

Hitech for Israel (Hamal Hitech)

Hamal Hitech is an initiative that brings together a consortium of high-tech companies, which provided initial funding. It operates under the guidance of non-profit professionals who manage field operations and ensure a thoughtful distribution of funds. They have recently started fundraising efforts for various initiatives, including mental health support through different grassroots, food and supply […]

House of Wheels – Meals to Refugee Families with Physical Disabilities

House of Wheels has taken on the responsibility of hosting families from the south & north, with physically disabled members, as well as soldiers, in three of our houses. We provide them with accommodation, food, and recreational activities for their children. People with physical disabilities are among the most vulnerable members of our society, and […]

Chabad of Talbiya- Mamilla 

Chabad of Talbiya- Mamilla is dedicated to assisting Israeli families from the South who’ve had their lives upended by the terrible war. With over 100 devoted volunteers, we’ve already helped over 300 families forced to relocate to Jerusalem due to the ongoing conflict. They arrived with nothing and we’ve provided them with essentials – shelter, […]

J-Shield: Emergency Situation Room

J-Sheild is an emergency civilian unit established in coordination with IDF and the Ministry of Defense representatives. The Emergency Situation Room is working continuously to supply the necessary equipment both to the field units and to the various neighborhood patrols in areas under threat. Since the beginning of the war, the emergency unit provided hundreds […]

Israel, The People of Eternity (ITPE)

ITPE- a group of Israeli entrepreneurs who care come together from various sectors of the industry with the top priority being the safety of our friends and families — the Israeli people. We’ve combined an extensive network of decision-makers, donors, manufacturers, and suppliers to address the crisis’s urgent needs and long-term rehabilitation. Their goal is […]

National Union of Israeli Students

The National Union of Israeli Students started a civil initiative hoping to provide our troops with the necessary protective gear. They handle all aspects of the operation, including purchasing and distributing gear.

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