Heart to Plate

For the past three years, Heart to Plate, an organization founded by two young entrepreneurs during the COVID pandemic, has been working with Holocaust survivors and elderly people living without family support, many of whom suffer from food insecurity. They connect them with volunteer families living in their communities who visit them every Friday and […]

EMDA (Alzheimer’s Israel)

Israel’s Alzheimer’s Association (EMDA) supports 150,000 people with Dementia. Among the Southern/Northern residents there are many elderly people with Dementia and many more of their caregivers who have experienced trauma, stress and change in daily routine and feeling of safety. EMDA offers them special activity kits to help them focused on healthy cognitive, motor and […]


Unistream is a highly-regarded Israeli NGO that offers entrepreneurial educational activities to youth and teens from the country’s socioeconomic and geographic periphery, the latter of which have been deeply impacted by the war. Unistream is seeking funds to offer its award-winning informal educational activities to teens and families who have been relocated and experienced trauma, […]

OREK – Reciprocal backing groups & communities

OREK works according to a unique model, with people without family backing. They build communities for reciprocal help with single mothers with young children, people with disabilities (physical and mental), elder people, victims of domestic violence, survivors of sexual trauma and others. They help one another, and build joint capabilities, so the community can help […]

Nefesh Now

Nefesh Now is a project that was established in response to the war and was created with the needs of the residents of the Gaza Strip in mind. As a result of the war thousands of families had to leave everything behind – clothes, toothbrushes, medicines, and our homes – and simply flee! The place […]

Home Base – Back to Society

Home Base helps families and individuals which were struggling economically before the war and are now on the brink of bankruptcy. Their coordinators and volunteers connect with families and individuals through the local welfare municipalities and offer them holistic support – they emotional support as well as financial( follow them to the bank, social security […]

UJA Federation of New York

UJA Federation of NY funds a network of hundreds of nonprofits and seeds grassroots organizations that can work individually and together to respond to ongoing challenges and emerging issues. Since day one of the war outbreak, UJA has been in constant communication with its partners on the ground to understand the immediate needs. They’re mobilizing […]

Bonot Alternativa

Bonot Alternativa is a non-partisan women’s movement that includes women from all over the Israeli society – secular, religious and ultra-Orthodox, Arab and Jewish who work for women’s rights, equality and representation for women and take part in the fight against violence against women. Bonot Alternativa has shifted all of their efforts towards the war, […]


Otfim is a project of Hazinor. During Covid,theyh launced a 20 million NIS campaign to help those in need, and they are doing it again for victims of the current war. Victims will receive a loaded card that will allow them to buy food, clothing, footwear and hygiene products themselves. Every shekel, up to 6 […]

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