Agudat Nitzan

Agudat Nitzan are operating within the evacuation centers. Recognizing the need for ongoing support for children with ADHD and their parents, they have initiated a remedial instruction program, as well as the emotional workshops and ongoing support for the parents.


Some 35% of the 60,000 Gaza Envelope evacuees to Eilat are teenagers. We are witnessing an increasing number of teenagers who refrain from any social engagement. They are weakening their resilience and developing behaviors that characterize youth at risk. Diving has become an increasingly attractive activity among at-risk youth and those in therapy. The Yam […]

The Tel Aviv Sexual Assault Crisis Center

The Center needs help as there is a flood of survivors of sexual violence turning to them for crisis intervention services – as the brutal rapes during the October 7th attack necessitate extensive healing and seeing horrifying images flashing across their news feed or any number of other war-related experiences has set off physical stress […]

The Western Wall Heritage Foundation

The Western Wall Heritage Foundation offers *free of charge* a half-day respite at the sites of the Wall tunnels. Includes tours, meals, crafts for children, musicians, transportation and more. So far they have already hosted 5,000 people, the feedback has been amazing and gives the strength to continue with this project. The location is secure […]

Givat Haviva International School

Our school brings together Jewish, Arab and international youth with leadership potential to live and learn together for up to three years. During this time they form deep personal connections and friendships while gaining skills in conflict resolution, mediation and diplomacy. Cuurently, with Givat Haviva’s campus in the north, they are housing families in their […]

Tzeirim B’Yerucham

In times of crisis and emergency situations, the organization Tzeirim B’Yerucham, (“Youths in Yerucham”) is a central part of local operations that contributes to the resilience of the local community and the people of Israel, and is now operating in three main areas: 1. Nearly 200 families (1200 people) from the Gaza Envelope are staying […]

Bakehila – Leading Social Change

Thousands of parents are in survival mode, and a child’s birthday celebration becomes trivial. We believe that even when the situation is difficult, our resilience as a civil society lies in our solidarity. We believe that for these kids, these celebrations constitute an integral part of their social and emotional rehabilitation. We aim to grant […]


Unistream is a highly-regarded Israeli NGO that offers entrepreneurial educational activities to youth and teens from the country’s socioeconomic and geographic periphery, the latter of which have been deeply impacted by the war. Unistream is seeking funds to offer its award-winning informal educational activities to teens and families who have been relocated and experienced trauma, […]

Nika Sports & Community

Nika Sports & Community’s Resilience in Motion Project aims to strengthen the mental and physical resilience of the evacuee children who have experienced trauma, and help them cope with these challenging times. Their aim to do this in the optimal way through constant emotional and social sports sessions which provide them with a sense of […]

Fighting Online Antisemitism (FOA)

Fighting Online Antisemitism (FOA), a non-profit organization dedicated to combating rising online antisemitism. Founded in Israel in 2020, our international network of volunteers makes a difference on a global scale by ensuring that antisemitic and anti-Israeli content is monitored, reported, and promptly removed from the most popular social media platforms.As part of the ongoing war […]

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