Preparing Brooklyn students to confront antisemitism

When antisemitism rears its ugly head, Mosaic United’s Campus Pillar partners stand ready to help their students cope with and confront it.

In Israel Hayom, a Brooklyn rabbi – and Mosaic United Campus Pillar partner – describes the stark situation for young Jews in the New York borough.

“In the campuses here, like all over the United States, there is antisemitism. About two years ago, police were forced to assign security to a Kingsboro Community College professor, who antisemitic students posted pictures of him, his father and daughter, along with swastikas and antisemitic statements.

“There are also more organized phenomena that actually come from above – from politics or from official organizations and laws related to BDS. I regularly come across statements that associate the Jewish people with the world’s money source.

“Unfortunately, the universities are not doing enough to eradicate this phenomenon. We are undoubtedly facing a significant escalation of antisemitic incidents against students, whether individually or organized. We must not wait for a disaster, although I would not be surprised if one would happen.”

The rabbi works with young people in the local Jewish community, offering programs to strengthen their Jewish identity and connection to Israel. About 250 students participate in these programs each semester.

“We teach them how to intellectually and practically confront antisemitic protest actions and expressions which are camouflaged as anti-Zionist or anti-Israel.”

To read the full article (in Hebrew), visit Israel Hayom.

To learn more about Mosaic’s Campus Pillar, visit the Campus Pillar page.

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