Infusion of $23M for Jewish identity programs across 400 college campuses worldwide

Mosaic United and its campus partners have committed $23 million to 400 campuses worldwide for the sixth year of their joint initiative.

Having reached 115,000 students to date, the new commitment will allow the Mosaic United Campus Pillar to advance this strategic investment and partnership between the Government of Israel and global Jewry at a time of increased need.

“As students are confronted with dual pandemics – COVID-19 and rising antisemitism, the work of our campus partners is more vital than ever to ensure that young Jews have opportunities for positive Jewish experiences and connections during their college years,” remarked Minister of Diaspora Affairs Dr. Nachman Shai. “Our commitment to Jewish campus life through Mosaic United is grounded in our office’s understanding of the importance of connecting and inspiring the next generation and our sense of mutual responsibility that exists between Jews in Israel and around the world.”

Philanthropists will provide 50 million NIS in support, which will be matched by 25 million NIS from the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs.

Sukkot joy! Students celebrate on campus in England (Photo credit: Lamar Francois)

“We are hopeful and excited for the new school year and the return of students to their campuses, where they will benefit from the best of traditional methods of building community and learning as well as lessons and innovation learned from the last year,” added Yael Zegelstein, Director of the Mosaic United Campus Pillar.

The 2020-1 academic year was challenging as Jewish professionals on campus had to develop new ways to build community and strengthen students’ Jewish identity and connection to Israel – including taking Shabbat services outdoors, turning Shabbat dinners into takeaway “Sha-boxes,” and moving in-person classes and text study online.

“We are very thankful to our partners at Mosaic United who supported us in developing new and innovative ways to meet students where they were (virtually and in small groups) to ensure we were able to continue our critical work on behalf of Jewish student communities,” said Adam Lehman, CEO of Hillel International.

Mosaic United’s Campus Pillar remains distinct as a collaborative venture between Israel and global Jewry where the investment and emphasis is on growing Jewish life wherever Jews are.

“For the Jewish student abroad, the fact that the State of Israel supported Jewish activities in the Diaspora during these difficult times… was a powerful lesson teaching the strength in the relationship between the Jewish people and the State of Israel,” said Rabbi Raphael Butler, CEO of Olami.

Mosaic United’s Campus Pillar brings together the three largest providers of Jewish student life worldwide – Hillel International, Chabad on Campus International, and Olami, and the unique collaborative model leads to increasing innovation across the world of campus programming.

“Mosaic United’s partnership has proven to be integral to our continued success. With Mosaic United’s support and leadership, we look forward to ensuring strong Jewish life on campus around the globe utilizing the insights we learned from working closely together,” said Rabbi Yossy Gordon, CEO of Chabad on Campus International.

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