Mosaic United’s Campus immersive experiences expand to Morocco

Olami 2023 trip to Morocco

For years, immersive experiences have been a cornerstone of Mosaic United’s Campus initiative.  These multi-day trips have taken young college-aged Jews from their typical surroundings and placed them in a holistic environment dedicated to building identity, knowledge, and connection. Traditionally, these trips have taken students to Poland.  Those educational experiences focus on Holocaust remembrance and […]

Infusion of $23M for Jewish identity programs across 400 college campuses worldwide

Mosaic United and its campus partners have committed $23 million to 400 campuses worldwide for the sixth year of their joint initiative. Having reached 115,000 students to date, the new commitment will allow the Mosaic United Campus Pillar to advance this strategic investment and partnership between the Government of Israel and global Jewry at a […]

Chanuka on Campus continues in 2020, with a twist

Even as so much has changed this year, we carry on our traditions – including Chanuka celebrations on campuses around the world! Our partners on the ground – Hillel International, Chabad on Campus International, and Olami – helped students safely celebrate the Festival of Lights. In person, there were celebrations like a masked candlelighting and […]

$20+ Million Allocated to 5th Year of Mosaic United’s Campus Pillar

$20+ Million Allocated to Support Jewish University Life across 6 Continents Mosaic United partnership with Hillel, Chabad, and Olami enters 5th year under shadow of COVID-19 Wednesday, 16 September 2020, Mosaic United, Jerusalem – Mosaic United has joined together with its campus partners to invest more than $20 million and take its global campus initiative […]

Israeli Minister of Diaspora Affairs meets with Mosaic Campus initiative leadership

Minister of Diaspora Affairs MK Omer Yankelevitch led a discussion with the leadership of Mosaic United’s Campus Pillar. From national and local leaders and educators of Hillel International, Chabad on Campus International, and Olami, Minister Yankelevitch heard about how Mosaic’s Campus initiative transforms the lives of Jewish students across the world. The campus professionals also […]

Jump start your online Jewish education & engagement skills

Organizations and companies across the globe are being shuttered in response to the spread of coronavirus.  With this, Jewish organizations face an unprecedented test to their already challenging work in connecting young Jews with their Jewish identity and Israel. Mosaic United has mobilized to immediately offer practical tools to our partners.  Our seminar, held in […]

Mosaic United gathers campus leaders at 2020 AIPAC Policy Conference

Early on Tuesday, March 3, 2020, professionals and students gathered to hear Bob Diener, Founder of, reflect on what Judaism has to say about business and how it can be a source of strength and inspiration in one’s professional career. Mosaic United hosted a breakfast with our three campus partners, Hillel International, Chabad on […]

From “dreading” to “pursuing” Jewish learning

“Growing up, my parents required me to attend Hebrew school for many years…. I dreaded every moment.” Like too many Jewish children, Rachel’s main Jewish learning experience growing up didn’t reach her. Fortunately, in college Rachel participated in Chabad on Campus’s Sinai Scholars program, a partner program of Mosaic United’s Campus Pillar, and her relationship […]

Madeline Dolgin, modern community builder and Springboard Fellow

Madeline Dolgin is a modern community builder. But the once self-described “High Holiday Jew” didn’t always see herself that way. Dolgin’s college Jewish journey began at New York University (NYU) where she participated in Hillel’s 10-week Jewish Learning Fellowship, a partner program of Mosaic United’s Campus Pillar. Through the program, she discovered a hidden passion […]

Preparing Brooklyn students to confront antisemitism

When antisemitism rears its ugly head, Mosaic United’s Campus Pillar partners stand ready to help their students cope with and confront it. In Israel Hayom, a Brooklyn rabbi – and Mosaic United Campus Pillar partner – describes the stark situation for young Jews in the New York borough. “In the campuses here, like all over […]

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