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Bring together, spur, and equip organizations working to strengthen the connection of young Jews to their Jewish identities and Israel.


A global partnership



Time and time again, it has been made clear that the Jewish people accomplish more when working together towards a common goal. Today, an unprecedented number of top philanthropists, organizations, activists and educators are achieving amazing things on their own. Our goal is to bring them all together to streamline their methods, multiply their impact, and create the ultimate Jewish engagement platform.


Everyone searches for meaning over the course of their life journeys. Over time, a steady flow of positive and meaningful Jewish experiences impacts attitudes and life decisions in ways that singular experiences cannot. We strive for continuous engagement, providing young Jewish men and women with opportunities for education, inspiration and connection throughout their formative years, rather than at specific flashpoints.


We all connect with our shared Jewish heritage in our own unique ways. For some of us, we enjoy the warmth of community and the richness of our culture. Others prefer the feeling of rootedness they experience by studying our core Jewish texts, exploring our traditions and developing a relationship with Israel. We keep our fingers on the pulse, studying the ever-changing landscape and providing the necessary tools to support the wide range of approaches for nurturing Jewish connectivity.


The world is changing at breakneck speed, and it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement or lost in the shuffle. To help young Jewish men and women stay grounded, and ensure that we remain relevant, we view every challenge as an opportunity to innovate, creating new Jewish engagement frameworks and tools that spotlight the value of Jewish community, continuity and connectivity.


Welcome to Mosaic United.

Instead of creating a single product and hoping to attract young unengaged Jews around the globe, we are working with experts in Jewish engagement to meet these young men and women where they are, helping them develop connections to Jewish life, Jewish heritage and Israel that make sense to them. Instead of focusing on one specific age group or formative experience, we dare to deepen engagement at every stage of life.

We are small, nimble and laser-focused on ensuring that our partners can do more, better, quicker and with a broader reach. We map the broad spectrum of Jewish experiential opportunities and create seamlessly accessible routes to meaningful Jewish connections for millennials ages 12-35.

We are delightfully different than everything that has come before.

Merit-Based Funding

Organizations that do an exemplary job of engaging and connecting with young Jews will get more funding. Simple as that.

Promoting Collaboration

Organizations that actively collaborate and demonstrate an ability to stretch money further by working together will get more funding.

Historic Public Private Partnership

Mosaic United is the first effort of its kind to be backed by matching funds from the State of Israel.

Unprecedented Global Scale

With the backing of Israel, we will bring together top philanthropists and organizations worldwide to reinvigorate the Jewish community.

Lifelong Connection & Engagement

Leveraging our partners and technology, we will create lifelong connections with young Jews to keep them inspired and engaged.

3x Donation Impact

Your Gift + Israel Match + Local Match = 3x the IMPACT.

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