$3.7 million fund to support Jewish volunteering solicits proposals

Shalom Corps is excited to announce that $3.7 million in funding is available to assist organizations in providing meaningful volunteering opportunities to young Jews.

$3 million is available through the Global Immersive Service Program request for proposals (RFP).

The global initiative provides meaningful volunteering journeys which connect volunteers to each other while strengthening their Jewish identities.  Global Immersive Service volunteering opportunities have shown that authentic, needs-driven service can have a transformative impact both on the vulnerable populations served as well as the young Jews making a difference.

In addition to Global, $700,000 is available through the Heritage Initiative RFP.

Heritage Initiative volunteering opportunities preserve sites of importance to Jewish life in small communities, resulting in strengthening the history and present of Jewish communities around the world as well as the identities of the volunteers.

Volunteers recruited through Global and Heritage are Jews aged 16 to 40 from around the world.  Programs must feature at least 25 hours of volunteering per week and 8 hours of Jewish learning and reflection.  Programs must also be at least one week in duration, and no more than eight weeks in the case of Global and 10 days in the case of Heritage.  Support for Israeli participants is limited to up to 25% of the total support.  In addition, funding for a Senior Jewish Educator to support the program is available.

More information and applications can be submitted online for  Global Immersive Service and Heritage Initiative, and are due by June 22, 2023

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