2019 Young Adults and Leadership programming convenings

To address the challenges facing global Jewry in the leadership and young adult spaces, Mosaic United gathered leading voices for two days of convenings in New York City to explore, debate, and strategize the best way to advance the fields.

Mosaic United, a strategic partnership between global Jewry and Israel, is pushing forward the development of its plan for transforming the marketplace of leadership and young adult programming.  With a focus group of 50 of the most prominent practitioners, thinkers, and funders, two days of intensive discussions focused on the state of the field and what can be done to multiply the effectiveness, reach, and impact of the organizations in it.

As a collaboration between Israel and Jews around the world, Mosaic United brings together a multitude of players and new resources to enhance and grow the marketplace of programming.

Barry Shrage, a prominent voice in the organized Jewish world and long-time President of the Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston, remarked that “Mosaic United has resources that can encourage collaboration and focus energy on high potential opportunities aimed at strengthening the identity of young Jews and their relationship with Israel.”

Shrage, Professor of the Practice in the Hornstein Jewish Professional Leadership Program, continued, “It presents the opportunity to make real change by bringing organizations and donors who can be narrowly focused together to work on strategies that can be much larger and more impactful.”

Participants reflected intensely and shared openly.  Alicia Oberman, Foundation Director of the Jack Miller Family Foundation, said, “This convening was a meaningful opportunity for those of us who care deeply about investing in volunteer and professional leadership in North America to challenge assumptions, unearth obstacles, but most importantly, dream big together.”

The learnings from the convenings will guide Mosaic United staff and partners as we take our next steps in developing field-wide initiatives in the young adult and leadership spaces.

Ilana Aisen, Executive Director of JPRO Network, summed up the day on a note of accomplishment and hope.  “I’m leaving the convening with a real sense of possibility for what we can accomplish together with a field-level mindset.”

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