Over and over, it has been proven that the Jewish people accomplish the most when working together towards a shared goal. Today, we find a tremendous number of philanthropists, organizations, activists and teachers doing amazing things individually. We seek to bring together the best of the best to multiply the impact of all towards creating a stronger and lasting connection to the next generation.


There are many ways that a person can connect with all that Judaism has to offer.  For some it is community.  For some it is culture.  For some it is Israel.  For some it is our traditions or texts. Our approach is to continuously study the landscape and support the approaches that are most effective. 


Each young person has a unique life journey.  At every stage, we aim to  connect them Jewishly. Repeated Jewish experiences, over time, are shown to impact attitudes and life decisions in ways that singular experiences do not. Our approach to promoting the continuity of the Jewish people is to engage and reengage young Jews throughout their lives.


We recognize that technology and the world are constantly changing. We will seek new ways to make our efforts more effective in meeting the next generation and will never act based on the adage: "That's how it’s always been done."