Our Difference

our difference


Our Difference

our difference



For the first time in history, the State of Israel is investing in the Diaspora – through Mosaic United – to build a thriving, pluralistic worldwide Jewish community that will ensure the future of our people.


As history has shown – from the founding of the State of Israel to the rescue of Soviet Jewry to the homecoming of Ethiopian Jews  – we can achieve miraculous outcomes when Diaspora and Israeli Jews come together. Let’s celebrate what unites us as we look toward a global Jewish future larger than any one movement or any single point of view. Together our work will be stronger. Together our impact will last longer. As Mosaic United, we will build a stronger Jewish future. Together.


Merit-based Funding

Organizations that do an exemplary job of engaging and connecting with young Jews will get more funding. Simple as that.

Promoting Collaboration

Organizations that actively collaborate and demonstrate an ability to stretch money further by working together will get more funding.

Historic Public-Private Partnership

Mosaic United is the first effort of its kind to be backed by matching funds from the State of Israel.

Unprecedented Global Scale

With the backing of Israel, we will bring together top philanthropists and organizations worldwide to reinvigorate the Jewish community.


Leveraging our partners and technology, we will create lifelong connections with young Jews to keep them inspired and engaged.

3x Donation Impact

Your Gift + Israel Match + Local Match = 3x the IMPACT.